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    Another Good Employment Report. Unemployment Rate down to 8.3%.

    Today, the BLS released the Employment Situation Summary for January 2012.  The report showed a gain of 243,000 jobs (257,000 private sector gains) and showed the unemployment rate falling to 8.3% on both increases in the number of employed and a decrease in the number of unemployed.  The U-6 unemployment fell again to 15.1% and the number of discouraged workers is unchanged from a year | Read More »

    Another Good Jobs Report Today

    The BLS released the Employment Situation Summary for December today and it was another relatively good report overall.  The U-3 unemployment rate decline again to 8.5% (8.3% without the seasonal adjustment) and the more inclusive (but not ideal) U-6 rate declined even more from 15.6% to 15.2%.  The Establishment Survey portion of the summary (a survey of businesses) showed job creation of 200,000 for the | Read More »

    Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.6%

    The BLS today released the Employment Situation Summary for November 2011, which showed private sector job creation (as measured by the Establishment Survey) of 140,000 and an unemployment rate of 8.6% (U-3, U-6 fell from 16.2 to 15.6% as well).  The internals of the report were somewhat mixed, as the Establishment Survey showed relatively modest job creation (although September was revised up again to +210k | Read More »

    A Summary of the Jobs Report (+103,000 jobs in September)

    Today, the BLS released the September Employment Situation Summary, which showed a headline number of 103,000 new jobs created for last month (from the Establishment Survey).  This can be broken down into a gain of 137,000 new jobs by the private sector and a loss of 34,000 jobs by government (mostly state and local).  Since September of 2008, government employment is down by 535,000.  Other | Read More »

    Inside the Jobs Report: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The BLS released the July Employment Situation Summary today (the combination of the Establishment and Household Surveys) and the results were mixed.  The seasonally adjusted numbers showed an increase (in the Establishment Survey) of 117,000 jobs (with a gain of 154,000 from the private sector) and a unemployment rate (U-3) ticking down slightly to 9.1% (from the Household Survey).  The more inclusive (but not entirely | Read More »

    Employment +244,000, but unemployment rises to 9%

    The BLS released the April 2011 Employment Situation Report today ( and it showed a gain of 244,000 jobs (268,000 private sector) in the Establishment Survey and a decline of 190,000 jobs (but only a loss of 58,000 private sector) in the Household Survey, which lead to the unemployment rate rising to 9%. However, there were huge seasonal adjustments this month, as the unadjusted unemployment | Read More »

    Another Good Jobs Report

    The BLS released the Employment Situation Report for February 2011 today and it was another good report (that makes a string of 3 in a row.  Both December’s and January’s initial reports were revised up (by about 30,000 jobs each), and the unemployment rate (U-3) dipped slightly to 8.9% (with U-6 at 15.9%).  The Establishment Survey (the survey of businesses) showed a gain of +192,000 | Read More »

    The Deficit Commission Report

    The Deficit Commission Co-Chairs Report was released today and overall I would say it is an excellent starting point to getting back to fiscal sanity, complete with a breakdown of all savings/costs involved.  The report makes some needed changes to social security (raises retirement age, changes cola, etc) that would bring it back to solvency, while at the same time not getting into any debate | Read More »

    Employment Report Out: Unemployment Unchanged at 9.6%

    Today the BLS released the Employment Situation Report for September, which showed a decrease of 18,000 jobs ex-census. This loss was predominantly generated from local governments who shed 76,000 jobs last month, while the private sector added 64,000 jobs over the same period. This report also included the primary benchmark revisions (how far off the Establishment Survey has been for the year of March 2009 | Read More »