I'm currently the Chairman of In the 2008 election, I founded, a $1.5 million 527 organization. Since, I worked on Governor Bob McDonnell


    No More George Allens, Yes More Herman Cains

    Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen recently announced his bid for the Republican nomination to take on incumbent Senator Jim Webb in 2012. Allen is a fine man– a

    No More George Allens

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    The White House’s Radical Requests

    Just when I thought this White House couldn’t be any more radicalized, Politico reports today these Democratic Ducks are getting even quackier. These statists now want to magically and fundamentally

    The Real Car Analogy

    From the diaries by Erick. For a guy who hasn’t driven a car in years, the President sure has them on his mind. First he took over a few car

    Clear Contrasts for Conservatives

    In August and September there are several critical Republican Senate primaries pitting ObamaCare fighters against ObamaCare appeasers.  Most significantly are the matchups between Senator Murkowski vs. Joe Miller in Alaska,