I hold a BA from the University of Delaware with a major in English and Journalism. My other interest at the U of D were Political Science where I studied Currents in Political Theory and International Relations. I've worked for a daily newspaper in Arizona both as a feature writer and investigative reporter. I currently live in Coastal Delaware and was a committeeman with the republican party but have left the republican party. I now hold the position of Director of Special Operations for the Independent Party of Delaware. I am both a social and fiscal conservative and a member of the Delaware 9-12 Patriots.


    Delaware’s Black Caucus Suggests Racial Discrimination In Letter To Dept of Elections

    <em><strong>Guest Post By: Jahi Issa Ph.D</strong></em> Court action filed: November 14, 2014 Re: La Mar Gunn vs Delaware Department of Elections The Delaware Black Caucus (the caucus) hereby writes this letter of complaint regarding determinations made by the Delaware Department of Elections (the Department) and the Kent County Board of Canvas in the Recorder of Deeds election held in Kent County Delaware on November | Read More »

    One billion Dollars

    Guest Post By:  Rose Izzo Candidate for Delaware’s lone Congressional Seat Today, I am going to tell you a story of heroes who came to the rescue when a damsel was in distress. Ukraine, the princess of a foreign land was struggling to overcome her financial affairs, particularly regarding the upcoming national elections of her land. Fortunately, the United States has volunteered to assist | Read More »

    God, Guns and Lt. Colonel Oliver North

    Guest Post By: Kevin Izzo Last week I had the privilege to attend the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association’s 2nd Amendment Freedom Banquet in Dover, Delaware. This event was to honor those who have protected the freedom of American citizens. The event featured a retired member of the United States Marine Corp. Lt. Colonel Oliver North. The crowd of over 450 listened with excitement to the | Read More »

    Rose Izzo, GOP Candidate for Delaware’s Lone Congressional Seat Receives Major Endorsement

        The Rose Izzo for Congress campaign in Delaware today announced that national Tea Party leader Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, has endorsed Rose Izzo for Congress in Delaware’s statewide Congressional primary and general election to be held September 9 and November 4, respectively. The Izzo campaign today released the following statement from Michael Johns: “Like many | Read More »

    Hexavalent Chromium Found at Closed Vlasic Pickle Plant and Adjacent Residential Groundwater

    Co-authored By: Wolfgang von Baumgart Independent chemical analysis studies reveal that hexavalent chromium has been found at the site of the recently closed Vlassic pickle plant in Millsboro DE and has leaked to adjacent residential areas at Possum Point on the Indian River Bay. At a public hearing in Millsboro to discuss the viability of opening a new poultry processing plant on the closed Vlasic | Read More »

    Delaware’s Congressman John Carney Attacks the “Little Guy”

    Guest Post By: Rose Izzo Congressman John Carney is at it again. With things falling apart in Washington Mr. Carney took to the News Journal to write an Op-Ed that blames everyone else for the Washington mess he created. Carney says the “Little Guy” who grinds along each day trying to make ends meet and pay his bills along with Mr. Carney’s salary is the | Read More »

    Obamacare’s Legality,SCOTUS, the Constitution and Congress

    The first paragraph of Article I Section 7 of the US Constitution explicitly states: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. When the legality of Obamacare (ACA) was challenged by those who considered the bill unconstitutional, SCOTUS declared that Obamacare was a tax and indeed was constitutional. | Read More »

    The Police Shooting of Michael Rogers, An Interview With His Mother

    This Post is a follow-up of this previous post:…-longer-theory/ Before I start, Mrs Rogers stated that she has nothing against the state police; Her father, George Tidwell was Captain of DSP Troop 4 in Georgetown Delaware in the 1950’s When I arrived at the house of Michael Rogers, a rural Georgetown Delaware address on Deep Branch Rd, I thought what a nice quiet country | Read More »

    The ‘Police State’ Of Delaware Is No Longer Theory

    A routine questioning of a Delaware man on suspicion of hit and run led to a state police officer forcing his way into the man’s residence and shooting him five times. This should not happen in the United States.

    Read More »

    In Delaware, They Lynch Negros Part II

    While Dealing with the “Dover Human Relations Commission’s” (DHRC) Response To Action Form, ” I will address the alleged assault and attempted lynching of Mr. Henry Fordham. I will include information in the Response To Action Form as well as modus operandi of other alleged lynchings as well as conclusions from investigative political activists. Before launching into fresh material, I will briefly refresh the reader | Read More »