I hold a BA from the University of Delaware with a major in English and Journalism. My other interest at the U of D were Political Science where I studied Currents in Political Theory and International Relations. I've worked for a daily newspaper in Arizona both as a feature writer and investigative reporter. I currently live in Coastal Delaware and was a committeeman with the republican party but have left the republican party. I now hold the position of Director of Special Operations for the Independent Party of Delaware. I am both a social and fiscal conservative and a member of the Delaware 9-12 Patriots.


    In Delaware, They Lynch Negros

    Research by: Donald Ayotte Doug Beatty Dr. Jahi Issa EShed Alston Part one Yes, I admit plagiarizing my headline from the movie, “The great Debaters,” starring Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker, and I also admit, we are far from Marshall Texas and 1935, or so I and many others had thought. This story starts in Dover Delaware on October 17, 2010. A young African American | Read More »


    Institutional Corruption And Racism Are Alive In Delaware

    Co-written By: Don Ayotte and Doug Beatty Myself and others from The Independent Party of Delaware attended an arbitration hearing on Tuesday May 28th at the Carvel Building in Wilmington. The meeting was held to arbitrate a grievance of dismissal in the case of Dr. Jahi Issa, an African American History Professor at Delaware State University. I expected a modicum of professionalism and courtesy but | Read More »

    America’s Political Abyss

    Cross-posted in: In today’s world of political intrigue and multiple pseudo personalities, lurking behind every crevice of unforeseen gain, is party affiliation really a factor? Long gone are the days of simple ideological thought where right or wrong are simply defined. The global complexity of multiple hegemonic power grabs and local powerful personalities have muddied the waters of clear thought and twisted the reality | Read More »

    Our Bill of Rights and the Curious Case of Dr. Jahi Issa

    Guest Post by: Doug Beatty On March 1, 2012 Dr. Jahi Issa of Dover was arrested at Delaware State University for failing to be a white female on horseback. That’s a provocative statement that demands support. In 2010 Delaware State University threatened to cut the equestrian team. The all white all female equestrian team protested by riding horses in front of the administration building and | Read More »

    Deja Vu, An Early Assault On The Constitution

    Cross posted on One of the first assaults on the constitution, seemingly enough came during the presidency of John Adams, the Second President of the United States. John Adams was a Federalist and was also considered a monarchist. He along with Alexander Hamilton, who served on his cabinet believed that Great Britain had a much better form of government than the newly formed American | Read More »

    From Disobedience, To The Birth Of A Nation

    A Little over ten years before the writing of the Declaration of Independence, on May 30th, 1765, a significant number of the members of the Virginia House of Burgesses wanted to take a stand against the British Parliament’s assertion of power. Among them, was a radical named Patrick Henry. A French Traveler who watched with Thomas Jefferson, (he was 22) who considered himself a student | Read More »

    Delaware’s Senator Carper Proposes 25 Cent national Gasoline Tax

    Delaware Citizens are outraged at the thought of US Senator Tom Carper’s proposal to raise the national gas tax by twenty-five cents. Carper the author of the now famous phrase, “your job is the row the boat, MY JOB is to steer!” He is the lead supporter of the Delaware Fisker folly, a plant in Northern Delaware that stands empty after the expenditure of over | Read More »

    Delaware’s Kevin Wade Mounts Powerful Senatorial Campaign Against Democratic Incumbent Tom Carper

    Kevin Wade, the Conservative Republican Candidate from Delaware has mounted a powerful campaign for the U.S. Senate Seat against Democratic Incumbent Senator, Tom Carper. Wade an electrical engineer and small businessman by trade, had his beginnings working in a steel mill after graduating from high school. He took courses to become an electrical engineer. “I went to college when I wasn’t working in the mill,” | Read More »

    Obama, Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Rules For Radicals

    cross posted in Saul Alinsky’s book. “Rules For Radicals,” was first named “Rules For Revolution,” and has caused untold controversy since Alinsky published the book in 1971. I realize that one diary will not be enough to communicate the content of destruction this book holds for our Republic. When I first bought the book, I vowed to read it cover to cover before donning | Read More »

    “Troublemaker” Christine O’Donnell’s Unfinished Journey

    O’Donnell’s new Book, “Troublemaker,” is an eye opening expose of both the Delaware GOP political process and Christine O’Donnell’s traditional close-knit family values and is written in an honest and heartfelt manner that reflects her family values and how these values gave her tenacity and steadfastness, enabling her to win the 2010 senatorial primary against a seemingly unbeatable Delaware political icon. O’Donnell relates her early | Read More »