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    Will the RNC ‘Autopsy’ Report Revive the GOP or is it DOA?

      Following the GOP’s decisive defeat in November’s presidential election, the RNC assembled a special committee to analyze what went wrong and make recommendations for the future. The five members of the committee, made up of former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, former Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, GOP consultant Sally Bradshaw, Puerto Rico Committeewoman Zori Fonalledas, and South Carolina Committeeman Glenn McCall, released their | Read More »

    I’ll Gladly Cut Spending on Tuesday for Tax Increases Today

    J. Wellington Wimpy, or “Wimpy” of the classic cartoon Popeye, was the gluttonous friend of Popeye who loved hamburgers but was too cheap to pay for them. As Wimpy used to say, “I’m buying; he’s paying.” That seems to be the Democrats’ motto. January’s fiscal cliff deal was similar to Wimpy’s promise: Give us revenues today and we’ll cut spending later. Republicans caved and agreed | Read More »

    Rule 12, Ron Paul, Romney and RNC

    While delegates in Tampa Bay were playing checkers, it seems that the RNC leadership was playing chess. The passage of Rule 12 has already caused damage to party unity. And never forget the old adage: “He who knows the rules, rules.” As Ron Paul retires from the House and we enter the second term of Obama, it’s time to focus on bringing Republicans together. It | Read More »

    Quixotic Texas Speaker’s Race Hurting Conservatives

    If you look up the definition of quixotic, one definition reads: “Caught up in the pursuit of unreachable goals; someone who is idealistic without regard to practicality; unrealistic.” In the race for Texas’ Speaker of the House, we have been down this quixotic road before. I personally campaigned for Ken Paxton in 2010, believing that he had a chance to win. As it turns out, | Read More »

    Et Tu, Paul Ryan?

    Evidently Paul Ryan does not want to run for President; he voted for the amended fiscal cliff bill HR8, ironically titled “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.” His likely rival, Senator Marco Rubio, voted no. Eric Erickson of tweeted, “The number of people who’ve convinced themselves this bill means the GOP cut taxes is pretty hysterical.” This is the legislation that will raise $41 | Read More »

    Democrats’ Brilliant Incrementalism

    Republicans in the Senate wimped out on New Year’s Eve. All but 5 GOP Senators voted for the Biden/McConnell fiscal cliff legislation that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, raises $41 in taxes for every $1 in spending cuts. Why would they do that? According to Senator John Cornyn, “I voted for this bill because it prevents a huge tax increase on 99 percent of | Read More »

    Why, How, What Now?

    It’s been almost a week, and it’s still hard to fathom. Mitt Romney was so confident in a victory that he created a transition web site and planned a fireworks show in Boston. Headlines claim that Romney was “shell-shocked” when he realized that he had lost. Mitt didn’t see it coming. That sad fact underscores the magnitude of the campaign disaster that was the Romney/GOP | Read More »

    Is the National Defense Authorization (NDAA) Unconstitutional?

    Is the National Defense Authorization Act FY2012 Unconstitutional or not? The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the U.S. Department of Defense. Congress passes a version of this Act every year. H.R. 1540, the NDAA for fiscal year 2012, was passed in December and signed into law by President Obama on New Year’s Eve. | Read More »

    D.C. Negotiations Resemble WWE Bouts

    Can you smell what The Rock Obama has cookin’?  It’s a bad deal for Americans. As Boehner warns his fellow Republicans to get their  *#$x&%@ in line, and as Harry Reid pronounces the GOP proposal as “dead on arrival,” it is becoming harder and harder to take the antics of our elected representatives seriously.  It’s kind of like professional wrestling, only worse.  Just as in | Read More »

    GOP Dream Team

    With the announcement by Michele Bachmann that she has officially filed her paperwork to run for POTUS, the total number of GOP candidates has increased to seven. All seven candidates performed well in last night’s CNN Debate, despite the annoying moderator John King. Any one of them would be a significant improvement over President Obama. Every one of them brings something to the table. Here | Read More »