Gonna try to make a film

    … and you can read about it on my Facebook page. I’m planning to produce an educational video that’s going to be called “Runaway!” It’s a narrative story about a slave boy named Blanche


    I live in a neighborhood that’s designated “historical.”  If I want to make any alterations to my property, I have to get a certificate of appropriateness from the City.  And

    Fun with “D” vs. “R”

    Democrat vs. Republican Drive vs. Reverse Detroit vs. _________________?


    So Sarah Palin says Mr. Obama doesn’t have balls.  I mean come on.  Just because he might not have a birth certificate doesn’t mean he doesn’t have balls.  I’m sure

    Carrying water for ignoramuses

    Our President got elected by a coalition of government employees, people that depend on a government check, and ignoramuses.  If the ignoramus vote splits 50/50, there’s no way Mr. Obama

    The Movies, Avatar

    Me and the missus watched the last half of Avatar this morning, the film that promises to pay James Cameron $350 million.  You remember him, he’s the guy that called


    Offshore moratorium fails on appeal

    So we got some good news today.   The government failed to show a “likelihood” that irreparable injuries will come about if offshore drilling resumes.  Appeal denied.  Reminds me of a joke.  A

    2nd chakra   An excerpt:  When she resisted, he began “pleading for the release of his second chakra.”  Silly me.  And to think, all this time, me, complaining that he was a stiff. 

    Media leaves South Park out to dry

    So says Diana West at Now for something more sophisticated… to the tune of “[We'll have] Manhattan”: We’ll have Mohammed Mullahs   And Ayatollahs too It’s lovely to subdue

    Fun with denial

    “A second inquiry has cleared climate researchers at the University of East Anglia of allegations that they distorted the scientific evidence for human-caused global warming. ‘There was no hint of