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    Suicidal democrats?

    If I were a democrat and lived where I do and all I cared about was politics — which I think, given what I perceive as their constant whining about things might be accurate — I’d be semi-suicidal. I took my bride to the airport early today to catch a flight and for purely selfish reasons I detoured on the way back to the home | Read More »

    One sentence that says it all

    Just in case you missed it, referring to the upcoming election, a Washington Times editorial stated this morning: “It is a referendum on a vision of government and society in which the state seeks unlimited power to make decisions at the expense of the liberty of the people.”

    People in Illinois seem to be pretty wound up

    I made a run over to the Bloomington, IL area today to visit my client and something caught my eye. Unlike this time two years ago, candidate yard signs are few and far between. What jumped out at me was a non-candidate politcal sign. In a yard along US Highway 150 just east of Bloomington, a homeowner had erected a sign that looked to be | Read More »

    Cooking the books?

    My wife asked me an innocent question over dinner while NBC News was droning on the countertop nearby– ‘Who decides when the recession ended?’ I opined that if it had, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Well, I got curious and did a little research on the arbiter, the National Bureau of Economic Research. I am not impressed. Thinking I’d find a simple explanation I | Read More »

    Four down, 46 to go

    Taking a quick walk thru’ the headlines over lunch I discovered that the first four dominoes have fallen — ‘Health insurers drop coverage for children ahead of new rules‘ There’s still time for the other 46 states to get slammed by this. Sadly I’m reminded of my former friend who unfriended me on Facebook because I had the temerity to point out the obvious, that | Read More »


    The myth of 100% systems availability

    Aside from the fact that the numbers are interesting to consider, it struck me reading this piece in the IBD this morning how similarly my thought process works from one context to the next. It’s reported here that the number of those without health insurance rose from 46.3M in ’08 to 50.7M in ’09. My first thought was, compared to what baseline? Sure enough, that’s | Read More »


    An idea whose time has not come — and probably won’t

    I apologize if someone else has passed along this thought … earlier today on the news I happened to hear St. Hillary of the Billing Records welcoming Israeli and Palestinian representatives to talks at the White House where I’m sure white smoke will soon be coming out of the chimney. No of course not. This is a routine that apparently all presidents feel compelled to | Read More »

    Good question. I’ll find out.

    I forwarded this story to a couple of friends Monday when it came out with the subject line, “Those wacky unions!”. A local GM stamping plant union has voted themselves into unemployment soon by turning down an offer — recommended by the UAW head office — to allow the plant to be bought up by another company which would cut pay but keep it open. | Read More »

    Hammered home three times — and it was wrong

    As is the usually the case, I was listening to Rush’s podcast in the car this morning (Monday’s) and he put his foot in it a bit in regards to the strategy and tactics of the Allies in WW2, speaking in the context of belittling the stupidity of the commentary around this wikileaks dustup. If he hadn’t made the same incorrect point three times, I | Read More »

    Sometimes you actually do

    Read a couple stories this morning that drove home the cliched point that indeed, sometimes you actually do hate it when you’re right. Happened twice in fact. But I’m also sure that I’d have willingly traded a friend to not have had Obamacare become law. Let me explain. Just before it passed I was perusing Facebook and saw that a friend who’d been obviously supportive | Read More »