Congress Can Deploy Troops to the Border

    I’m no expert on the Constitution but I think there may be an opportunity to stop amnesty and secure the border and do so in a constitutional means that doesn’t involve a shutdown or budget threats. I was listening to the Mark Levin show yesterday and he was reading through Article I, Section 8 and he breezed past these Congressional powers that caught my attention: | Read More »

    John Boehner Must Go!

    John Boehner must go! John Boehner is the poster boy for what is wrong with the Republican Party. He’s arrogant, smug, distant, and dismissive of the base of the party. He’s only Speaker due to the hard work of conservatives in 2010 and yet he’s “leading” in opposition to the desires of the base. He sneaks around Capitol Hill trying to undermine and defeat conservatives | Read More »

    John Roberts was wrong on Obamacare

    When the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare came down I was stunned by what Chief Justice Roberts had done and by his reasoning that the individual mandate was constitutional as long as the fine was considered a tax. I was led to believe that the man was an originalist, a man who would interpret the Constitution as written and understood by the Framers. He may | Read More »

    August 13th

    Mark Levin has a new book coming out on August 13th that he will start discussing in-depth on July 10th. He’s been dropping hints and discussing how the solution lies outside of DC. He said, and I’ve written repeatedly, that Washington can’t fix Washington. As a believer in the power of federalism I’m making a prediction that Mark’s new book will discuss federalism, strategies for | Read More »

    Dear Governor Haley

    Dear Governor Haley, I am writing today about the Freedom of Health Care Protection Act recently passed by the SC House and your possible reluctance, per the Investors’ Business Daily article I’m referencing, to sign the bill should it reach your desk. As a graduate of the University of South Carolina from both the undergraduate and graduate schools and as someone whose parents still reside | Read More »

    Why the IRS will never be brought to heel

    John Marshall in the Supreme Court case, McCulloch v. Maryland: Daniel Webster, in arguing the case, said “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.” What we are seeing from the eruption of the TEA Party IRS scandal is the taxing power, or the taxing authority’s power, being used to destroy the political opponents not just of the Democrat party but of | Read More »

    MIA- Environmentalists abandon Mother Earth for Liberal Ideology

    One would think based on their anti-human rhetoric that environmentalists would be natural allies of those seeking to eliminate illegal immigration and dramatically reduce legal immigration. You would be wrong. Environmentalists are on record supporting abortion and demanding that people reduce their consumption of resources in order to “save the planet”, so it only makes sense that they would oppose the immigration fueled growth of | Read More »

    Show Me the Money!

    Annual federal spending has grown to over $3 Trillion under Obama including the addition of nearly $800 Billion to the baseline every year thanks to the so-called stimulus. Does anyone have any idea on what we are spending all this money? The right thinking public is frustrated and alarmed by the massive federal budget, debt, and deficit but have idea where to direct our ire. | Read More »

    Creating a stealth national gun registry or database

    Supporters of the 2nd Amendment are rightly opposed to the federal government, or any government, creating and maintaining a national gun registry; fearing, perhaps rightly, that any such database will be the first step toward confiscation. Most people seem to believe that if Congress doesn’t authorize such a registry that one will never be created. I want to tell you how such a database can | Read More »

    Rep. Womack (R-AR), not a conservative

    I called my Rep. this week to ask that he not support Boehner for Speaker in the next Congress. Below is his response. I can tell now that this guy has to be watched as he seems to have the makings of a ‘moderate’ rather than a principled conservative. We can do much better than him in this CD. Thank you for taking the time | Read More »