On Language

I’m sure there those that will think I’m picking nits with the topic of this diary but to me being precise in the use of the English language exhibits a seriousness we as Conservatives are often accused of lacking.

The past tense of ‘lead’, as in ‘to lead a group’  is not ‘lead’ it is ‘led’ as in “Caesar led his legions across the Rubicon.

Lead, pronounced as ‘led’, is only correct when referring to the metal Lead , symbol Pb from the Latin for Plumbum.

‘Loose’ means “not tight” it does not mean the opposite of ‘win’, that would be the word ‘lose’.

You’re is a contraction of ‘you are’ and does not mean the same as ‘your’ as in ‘it is your mistake to use your to mean you’re’.

And a favorite of Ed Morrisey on HotAir is to write ‘amuck’ when he clearly means ‘amok’ as in ‘to run amok’.

If you want to be take seriously then please demonstrate that you in fact did graduate high school having passed basic English.

And as an aside I only just learned the origin of the word ‘nitpick’ when my 5-yr old daughter picked up lice from her school. In ridding her hair and our home of them I learned that larval lice are called ‘nits’ and thus nitpicking is the act of removing lice larvae from hair.

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