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PHD, MBA, BS-IT, Retired USMC/ASArmy ABn/USN sw Former local Campaign manager, teaparty writer, writer since 1968, contributes to three newspapers and four magazines. Used moniker of "Despondent Correspondent" during Vietnam Reagan Inaugual Committee. lst Activist as teenager working Goldwater Campaign.


    It Ain’t over till the Fat Lady Sings—The Prisoner Trade

    It isn’t over till the Fat Lady Sings!! The Prisoner Trade Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent     Okay gang, we all know what the Obama did was wrong and has endangered all Americans and given the Taliban permission to kidnap us for ransom and especially our guys fighting overseas.    He still runs the administration like Al Capone from Chicago, doing what he wants | Read More »

    Political Scandals and Correctness or What annoys me

    Political scandals and political correctness or “What annoys me” by: Dr. Jim GSCHW IND The despondent correspondent     You’ve heard my rants and raves I really have a hard time finding where to start. Let’s start with some of the latest scandals:   The hearings and Benghazi, the murder of American citizens by terrorists abroad with no help from the backup and some unknown | Read More »

    Political correctness and economics

    Political Economics and the Public:  The big falsehood Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent I am a doctor of Economics and Business leadership and crisis management and a disabled career government and military intelligence employee.   This said, I believe we are on a dangerous collision path economically with a traditional foe, China and yes a two front war with a new “class” of professional democrat | Read More »

    Pensacola and storms versus Katrina…..Help me please!!!!

    Emergencies:  Katrina versus Pensacola by Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent   My doctoral dissertation dealt with crisis situations leadership, and emergency management as it transcribes to the brain process.  This recent crisis in my hometown of Pensacola Florida reiterates my findings. It is best describe the situation as it is today.  We have a train stuck in downtown Pensacola; we have train tracks destroyed | Read More »


    BENGHAZI…..”Hey dude, that was two years ago”? Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent   Hey “dudes”, it’s me again your loyal correspondent. How many of you really and I mean really take this White House aide who looks like he just graduated high school seriously?  Tommy Vietor is an aberration to anyone who thinks are government employs the academic elite. I was shocked  when he | Read More »

    You can’t get rid of this horrible bill by Defunding it

    Defunding Won’t Work!!!! It’s a “Mandatory Entitlement” Now! Dr Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent   Now folks this is getting weird and I would think our esteemed congressmen on both sides of the aisle would know this……the fact is you can’t get rid of Obama-care (Affordable Health Care Act) by defunding it because it falls into the category of “mandatory entitlements” that will continue even | Read More »

    Politically incorrect weather?

    Weather Questions?  Politically Incorrect? Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent     Listened to Mike Huckabeetoday on the radio. I  Like him but the scientists he had on regarding the weather were only partially right.   I’ve always been into the weather (taught my 8th grade class this subject in school, Hawaii) and as a career Intelligence Specialist when I put the school curriculum together and | Read More »

    Syria…..Here we go again?…or “Wag the Dog”? The Despondent Correspondent Dr. Jim Gschwind   It’s really hard to see what is so complicated about this Syrian debacle and horror story.   This could be a blessing or a curse and it can have any number of outcomes (none of them very good).  There are some things to be considered.  I say this as a retired career | Read More »


    WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE YOU UP PEOPLE? Dr Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent       Talk about me, the “Despondent Correspondent”……oh I know everyone before the election got used to my tirades and rants (but based on fact….not emotion….That’s a liberals “tool”) and then I got even more despondent fighting my disability with the government and got sidetracked like many of us | Read More »

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    The Despondent Correspondent……The Emperor Has No Clothes!!!

    The “Emperor” has no Clothes! Dr. Jim Gschwind The Despondent Correspondent     A wild and crazy night?  Who would’ve guessed the Master manipulator and our “ruler” (according to Valerie Jared) would fold at such a crucial time to hold on to power?  Finally we see “fearless leader” without his royal attire stumbling like a high school debater on his first competition.   Part of | Read More »