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    The Motor City: Broken and Out of Warranty

    Detroit: officially a man-made disaster It’s official; Detroit is now legally as well as morally bankrupt. “The city of Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history Thursday afternoon, culminating a decades-long slide that transformed the nation’s iconic industrial town into a model of urban decline crippled by population loss, a dwindling tax base and financial problems.” In short order there will be | Read More »

    Why Detroit Still Matters

    Good news Detroit: We’re #1 again! In a head-to-head contest with real contenders like Chicago, New York, Cleveland (At Least We’re Not Detroit!) and Atlanta, Detroit once again grabbed victory through the misery of defeat. Numero uno on Forbes Most Miserable City in America.  Heady stuff for a city on the verge of insolvency and far beyond societal breakdown. Much should be made of the | Read More »

    For the Children

    How quickly the time goes! Here you are, all grown up and of voting age already. I set out to write a brief letter explaining why I believe Romney is a better choice for your future and a better choice for America. I realized immediately that to do that properly would require at least a book; and even at that it would be unlikely I could reverse the lifetime of propaganda and proselytizing most of you have been exposed to via the education system and popular culture.

    So I decided to focus on just one key economic concept that separates the thinking of our progressive Democratic President and his conservative Republican opponent.

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    Foxes Guarding the Chicken Coop

    Last week the Middle East continued an inexorable march toward a holocaust involving nuclear weapons (that Iran doesn’t have) and weapons of mass destruction (that Saddam Husain didn’t have and didn’t move to Syria).

    Also last week, the US economy continued to grind to a slow halt as we continued to double down on our Faustian bargain with European socialism (with money that we don’t have). Businesses continued to shutter their doors at “unprecedented” rates, unemployment continued unabated, already anemic GDP “growth” slowed to a near halt, and the forecast for the annual budget deficit hit $1.2 trillion – which means we will bump up against the incomprehensible $16.3 trillion debt ceiling by the end of December.

    You’re probably wondering what, in the midst of all this turmoil, are our elected leaders doing to address these grave issues?

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    Independence Day in America 2012

    How many Independence Days does America have left to celebrate? That appears to be up to us.

    I’m reposting these thoughts, originally marking Independence Day, 2009 because the concerns I noted then have not only not been addressed, they grow more egregious with each passing week. Consider this a call to arms. All boots on the ground my fellow Americans, evening is closing in on us fast:

    Independence. Not Just a Day.

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    Freedom of Speech? No Thanks, We Prefer to Censor Ourselves.

    I see Paul Krugman is reading his tea leaves again. What they are telling him is that America was hijacked. No, not by a band of jihadi terrorists, worse: the evil powers of the Right. He claims they exploited the atrocity committed by the terrorists, thereby turning 9/11 into a day of shame. So he no longer finds it worthy of our commemoration.

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    Open Letter To the Most Arrogant and Petulant President in History: Dear Mr. Obama

    In which Dewey writes to our President   It’s really not so much the audacity of hope as it is arrogance Dear Mr. President, I’ve taken the time to listen to, and read, your remarks at the press conference last night. With all due respect (I just love that expression, don’t you?) instead of celebrating America’s dynamic union and seeking to partner with us to | Read More »

    RFK Jr., You Ignorant Slut*

    That the scion of the Kennedy family could write something of this caliber for publication demonstrates proof positive that the Kennedy DNA ran out of functioning brain-stock after the JFK generation – and had started to thin out dangerously even towards the end of that run of progeny. Either that or he believes that everyone can be shammed as easily as the limo-liberals in his bubble world.

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    Can’t Buy Love? Try Obama’s Corporate Dating Website. Expensive, but Testimonials Swear it Works.

       Immelt and the Won peer into the abyss that they’ve created. Together. “The people who are part of the business sector, the people in this room, have got to stop complaining about government and get some action underway,” he told the group. “There’s no excuse today for lack of leadership. The truth is we all need to be part of the solution.” That certainly | Read More »

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    UN to protect bugs’ rights: humans next

    Aside from the fact that I don’t see anywhere in the UN charter a mandate to protect cockroaches (although it does so routinely), I will say this; I do believe that in Communist Bolivia under the rule of Evo Morales, bugs, indeed, have the same rights as humans.

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