Erika Harold for IL-13

    Erika Harold is a first time congressional candidate in the 13th congressional district. You can go to her website @ to find out more about her and donate. The primary

    I understand Dr Wolf

    Over the weekend, news came out about Dr Milton Wolf made some facebook posts that had patient X-Rays with attempted humor along with them… OVERLAND PARK — U.S. Senate

    Updated: Senate Leadership drying up Tea Party groups FreedomWorks chief Matt Kibbe told the New York Times in a story published Monday that leading Republican lawmakers have done their part to block donations to his group. “I’ve

    Why Tim Scott is awesome The article speaks for itself. He gets it.

    McConnell refusing to debate Bevin

    Listen to this audio from an interview with Matt Bevin on the Andrew Wilcow show… the interesting part comes in at 13:45 where Bevin is asked about whether McConnell has

    Matt Bevin – Policy speech 1/1/14

    Check out this awesome policy speech from Matt Bevin who is challenging Mitch McConnell for senate in Kentucy…

    *Updated: McConnell Staffer refuses to leave private Bevin event – Police called

    Eunice Loganposted toMark Levin 2 hours ago · Mitch McConnell intimidation continues… McConnell-paid harassers escorted from Bevin event by police. Last night my husband and I attended a Meet

    Lugar getting help from Union PAC

    Politico mentions a new poll showing Lugar leading by 2 points over Mourdock that was done by Magellan. A group called Indiana Lunch Pail Republicans paid for the polling… a

    Mourdock leading Lugar

    Rickard Mourdock  is leading Dick Lugar in a new poll from the Club For Growth… “BREAKINGS NEWS … Dear Dewayne, The first public poll of the campaign shows us winning

    O’donnell down 6 in Delaware?

    I’ve ran across 2 polls showing Christine O’donnell down by only 6 points in Delaware to Chris Coons. This is a poll from The Conservative Journal. The person that polled