Where’s the Gold?

    Around the time of (and shortly after) World War II many countries sent some of their gold to the U.S. The thinking was that it would be safer in the vaults of New York and elsewhere.  But countries are starting to worry. The latest concern comes from Germany, who asked that some of its gold be returned.  The US said it could not be sent | Read More »


    You can’t legislate morality.  While we try to limit bad behavior in politicians with ethics laws, it seems the more complex the laws become the less they are followed.  What we need are ethical politicians. Take the case of the recent dealings here in Georgia by a group of Commissioners in Cobb County falling all over themselves to get the Atlanta Braves to build a | Read More »

    Encouraging News for Tea Party – GOP Worried About Money

    A story this morning in the Wall Street Journal offers encouraging news for those looking to challenge the ruling class in Washington. In an article titled “GOP Incumbents Lean on Donors,” Dion Nissenbaum of the Wall Street Journal indicates that established Republicans are expressing concerns about primary threats, fearful that they may not have the money to fight them off.  The author quotes a source | Read More »

    SPLOST Town Hall

    The Gwinnett Tea Party and the Gwinnett County Commission will host a Town Hall meeting on the upcoming SPLOST vote.  For most voters, SPLOST will be the only item on the ballot for the November 5th election. The Town Hall will be held at the Historic Courthouse (185 W Crogan) in downtown Lawrenceville on Wednesday, October 30th, at 7pm.  Sandra Parrish, a reporter for WSB | Read More »

    A Gun Primer

    With so much “gun talk” in the news I am finding that many people, especially, it seems, the media, are not that familiar with basic gun information. Below are some high-level definitions of the most common terms I am hearing on the news.  I am not going to get into the distinctions between, say, a ‘pistol’ and a ‘handgun’ because this is intended to just | Read More »

    12 Reasons Obama will Lose

    It’s surprising to me that so many people believe that Obama is unbeatable.  Considering his record and the state of the economy the Obama campaign staff has a huge task ahead of them.  Here are just a few of the obstacles they will have to overcome. 1. Unemployment will be very difficult to fix. There may be 2 million fewer jobs now than when Obama | Read More »

    Some primary, huh?

    Check various news websites and you will probably find different delegate counts for the Republican primary.  The discrepancy is not surprising – even the Party itself can’t tell you the delegate count at this point.  The reason is that the GOP consists of thousands of state, county and district groups, most of whom have their own rules.  The only thing we do know is that | Read More »

    E-Verify requires you to hire illegal workers

    Our company recently had to register a new business name, which in Georgia requires a new business license.   E-Verify is not yet a requirement for a license renewal (it will be in 2013), but the over 460,000 individuals who apply for a new license each year in Georgia may be surprised to find out that E-Verify is now a requirement for their small startup. | Read More »

    It is Time for Another Debt Ceiling Debate. Hopefully.

    The damage was done last year when Congress voted to spend even more money that we didn’t have.  The result is that the US debt is now greater than the US Gross Domestic Product. A Little History  In August of 2011 Congress authorized a debt ceiling increase of between $2.1 and $2.4 trillion.  The increase was to happen in up to three steps, and as | Read More »

    The US is actually borrowing $5.3 Billion per day, not the $4 Billion Reported

    It’s worse than we thought. You may have been sickened by the reports that theUnited Stateswas borrowing money to cover its reckless spending at the rate of about $4 Billion per day.  But with some information that came out over the weekend it is very easy to see that the rate has increased dramatically. At the beginning of August, 2011, after much end-of-the-world talk, Congress | Read More »