David Hancock is Co-Chairman of the Gwinnett Tea Party and is currently a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives in the 98th district.


    Clues to King v Burwell ruling on Federal Exchanges

    Clues to King v Burwell ruling on Federal Exchanges

    If you have been following the King v. Burwell case then you know that a pretty important decision regarding the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, will be released very soon – maybe even on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Do we have any clues as to which way the decision will go?   The decision has already been made   Realize that for a | Read More »

    Mandatory Voting Means More Money, Not Less

    While speaking in Cleveland about the importance of middle class economics the President said that “It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would counteract money more than anything.”  In fact, exactly the opposite is true.  If you want to reduce the amount of money involved in politics, make it harder to vote. I ran for State Representative in 2014.  I was holding a | Read More »

    GOP – What about your last pledge?

    The Republicans now have a new ‘platform’ for the November election.  But do you remember the Pledge to America the Republican Congress made before the 2010 election?  They promised that if they won the majority they would launch a bold new initiative that would move our country in the right direction. It is understandable if you forgot about it.  The Republicans did also.  As best I | Read More »

    GOP Poised to Control More State Legislatures

    The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning that shows how the Senates of five of our states – Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon and Maine – could switch to Republican control.  In each of these Senates all the GOP has to do is win three seats or less.  And, if they play their cards right, they could even pick up four more (the House | Read More »

    You and Me and the GDP

    From Benghazi to Healthcare we are used to the administration lying to us. Why should the GDP numbers be any different?

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    Guard the 2nd Amendment

    Guard the 2nd Amendment

    You may have read the words of retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens that ran recently in the Washington Post. He has a suggestion to ‘fix’ the 2nd Amendment. The troubling part is that this man was a Supreme Court Justice. The more troubling part is that he is certainly not alone in thinking much of the Constitution is broken. In part, he said | Read More »

    The Feds Balance our Budget

    The Feds Balance our Budget

    By law, Georgia has a balanced budget.  But how we get there is troubling. The state is expecting to receive $600 million more in revenue this year than it did last year, meaning it will take a whopping $20.8 billion.  But a look at the state’s expenses show that the governor is planning to spend over $42.3 billion (up $1.2 billion from last year).  How | Read More »

    Campaign Contributions gone Horribly Wrong

    Campaign Contributions gone Horribly Wrong

    We are familiar with politicians asking for money.  But did you realize that candidates are frequently one of the biggest contributors – to other politicians?  Unlike you or me, they usually don’t use their own money.  Instead they use their campaign contributions to support their friends and other incumbents. This is a common practice, and it goes on extensively in Georgia. Those of us who campaign contributions do | Read More »

    Where’s the Gold?

    Around the time of (and shortly after) World War II many countries sent some of their gold to the U.S. The thinking was that it would be safer in the vaults of New York and elsewhere.  But countries are starting to worry. The latest concern comes from Germany, who asked that some of its gold be returned.  The US said it could not be sent | Read More »


    You can’t legislate morality.  While we try to limit bad behavior in politicians with ethics laws, it seems the more complex the laws become the less they are followed.  What we need are ethical politicians. Take the case of the recent dealings here in Georgia by a group of Commissioners in Cobb County falling all over themselves to get the Atlanta Braves to build a | Read More »