CC Winner

This week's winning caption came from Ganelon - there was a similar entry, but this one was entered sooner.

See the rest of the winning captions below:  Thanks for participating.  I hope you had as much fun as I, reading the humor of Redstate readers.

(1) - 25%
Help me Obi-Ron Kenobi, you’re my only hope! - Ganelon

(2) - 18%
Isn’t it great that even though you ended the Cold War I’m the one with the Nobel Peace Prize? - rogershru2

(3) - 11%
When I grow up I want to be just like you. - austinandy

(The other finalists...)
Don't tell Michelle but I love Jelly Beans too! - Michael Dugas

They're totally buying iiiiiiiiit. - randy streu

I thought 'Reganesque' was an insult... until Christian Amanpour called me that. - bk

Don't worry, your legacy is safe with me. - breeanneh

Did they call you "The Gripper" because you were able to hold on to the job for two terms? - MathMom

They say that rubbing Buddha's belly brings you luck, maybe this will bring me some common sense! - wolfeman

Sigh... Tell me again about the '84 election when you took 49 states. It makes my leg tingle. - gamechange11two

Boy, if this really works I'll buy myself a cowboy hat and start riding a horse. - author43

Like our military, you make a great photo op. - SusanAnne Hiller

Whose my favorite mask of the moment - you are - yes you are! - anotherindyfilmguy

What's the Soviet Union like? - Ben Howe

Hugging you will make my life better off than four years ago. - kowalski

{singing} Everybody... needs somebody... to leeeeeean on. - smitch61