Watercooler 2/3 Open Thread – Two More Drop Out, More Twitter Fun,

    Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… Dept. of “Another One Bites the Dust” This just in: According to Christine Rousselle over at sister-site Townhall, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul have finally reconnected with reality and dropped out of the race. Wonder if it was some kind of transfer where they pushed it over into Stubfingers the Vulgar somehow?   A | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/27 Open Thread – Danes Push Back, New Toys At SHOT, Trump Twitter Trolling

    Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… Dept. of Irony, Islamist Hypocrisy Edition: Seems that some Saudi and Iranian clerics want to ban chess, a game that was created by Persian Muslims in the 7th century and then exported to Europe in their expansions. Ironically, no objections to backgammon or card games… but they now think chess is | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/20 Open Thread – Something in the Water in Florida?, CA Goes to the Dogs, This Week In History

    Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… RealClearPolitics polling: Is Florida smoking something funny, or is it something in the water? RealClearPolitics just released another batch of poll results out of Florida, and the news ain’t good. Right now Monmouth has Trump up 19 points over Cruz at 36%, while Florida Atlantic University gives him a +32 at | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/13/16 Open Thread – Unearned Medals, Decade-Delayed Iraq Mail, This Week in History

    Welcome back for another installment of the Watercooler! We’ve got a couple of real head-shakers for you today, so strap in… Conservative Justices Skip Lame Duck SOTU – Who Cares? Seems some of the press aren’t happy that Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas had better things to do with their time than be lectured by our Wannabe Boy King. Real news here is the response in the | Read More »

    The Watercooler – 1/6/2015 Open Thread

    Welcome back to the Watercooler, our daily Open Thread. Apologies for the short one today, but most of the day’s news items have been called to attention by better and more prolific writers already… not a complaint, just acknowledging the caliber of this community’s members. Strange Bedfellows? The last thing I would’ve ever expected under Putin’s Russia was a foreign-relations position simpatico to our own | Read More »

    The Watercooler – 12/30/15 Open Thread

    Opening Thoughts Welcome to the Watercooler! Hard to believe that this is almost the start of a new year… and even though we had plenty of warning, it’s hard to believe that the man who made RedState the powerhouse it’s become is moving on to other ventures. Fair Winds & Following Seas, Erick, and thanks for the inspiration. Also, an overdue thanks to the site | Read More »

    The Watercooler – 12/24/15 Open Thread: VA CCW Reciprocity Dead?

    Opening Thoughts Merry Christmas, everybody! Welcome to your Christmas Eve RedState Watercooler–this is my first real stab at anything actually “reputable” for the site, so I hope I live *up* to everybody’s expectations rather than *down* to them with today’s assortment of random-shots commentary. I’d like to extend a special tip of the hat to TNgal for trading schedules this week in light of some | Read More »

    The Watercooler – December 20

    Folks, I should probably mention that my approach to this may depart from “conventional formula”–since my understanding is that Watercoolers are a catch-all for for people to spit out whatever’s on our minds without it having to be related to anything else, I’m going to run with that philosophy in the original diary–several snippets that aren’t big enough to really fit anywhere else just yet, | Read More »

    Working around the Disqus issue

    In light of continuing difficulties with my primary RedState account, several longtimers have suggested that I create a new account while the Staff sort things out. Given that I don’t have intent to break any of the relevant rules: “10. No attempt may be made to use multiple accounts or team efforts to manipulate the Recommended Diaries feature, and no person is allowed to use | Read More »

    Worrying things with Disqus… SAT PM updated

      Well, folks, one more thing on the list of reasons it will be a big step forward when RS dumps the Disqus comment platform… Precisely two weeks ago, somebody was repeatedly flagging my comments as spam, to the point that Disqus automatically blocked me from comment. Erick and I had a very candid email exchange about the problems with the platform while it was | Read More »