Radical-in-Chief Is this KINETIC Obamulation

      David Horowitz and Stanley Kurtz reveal the stealth infiltration methods of 1960’s radicals into the American mainstream political system, resulting in their current control of the Democratic Party. Radical in Chief The Untold Story of American Socialism If you haven’t seen this, maybe it will focus a phase” Kinetic Obamulation”.



    Unless you know which planet the big O came from? and their’s a lot of people scratching their heads about him now. We need a balance of both groups ( R’s&T’s). Both conservative as it pertains to a Federal & State Government made up of a moral and religious people, and from both groups. 1) is Sarah Palin 2). Thaddeus McCotter. One as President, the | Read More »

    Six die in Tucson, Fourteen wounded in massacre

    And the MSM, Dems,and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik , attack conservatives..The fly burning killer favorite book is written by Hitler, and the sheriff department was told, six months earlier, by local school teacher, the boy, is a massacre waiting to happen..Why doesn’t anybody check to see if he had bought a gun? Da Then The Big O flys in for a memorial service, and turns it | Read More »

    Why would the Dems want to change the rules

    Because it’s the best way to control POWER, it’s their Holy Grayall, OBAMACARE, the foothold, set forth, to change America.. The Big O doesn’t give two bits about the Constitution, and has spent trillions to make it disappear.. once the rules have been adopted by the new Senate they apply to all future votes, including any votes to change the rules. So you better think | Read More »

    New Start that wont Start renamed

    The unofficial name for the new start treaty is being changed, due to back log in the labeling committee’s office, We would prefer that from now on, New Start, be known as, Cash For Clunkers Nukes,  Thank you.

    clapper unaware of terror bust in britain

    DNI Chief Clapper in the dark, when asked on national tv about terrorist bust in London this week. This is the guy that’s suppose to know.. This is the guy that put his stamp on new start..Wake up everyone, Big sis doesn’t know how many days are in a year.. We have to get it right, between now, and 2012…or we bequeath our children, and | Read More »

    Lame Duck has set country back 20 yrs

    As you can see, the trojan horse named obamism, has set the stage, it’s now time, to reset, and defund everything that would take this country to a point of not return. And as we decide who will replace those that let us down, we have to be 99.999 trillion percent sure, we win in 2012..