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    Oh, so now it’s OK to call him Barack Hussein Obama?

    Brace yourselves for what is coming. One CNN contributor just said (paraphrase): I can now say what I couldn’t say before. We haven’t just elected a black president. We have elected a black president whose middle name is HUSSEIN. I just got a fax this morning from somebody in Afghanistan who said, We are all smiling down here. The Taliban are smiling because they say, | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Strangers: If you left us, come back to your own.

    The King of the Great Land was living his last days in his lonely White Palace. One day a woman from the Blue House decided she would try to become the people’s new Queen. The Blue House big shots and the talebearers did not want a woman in the White Palace, but they spoke only in hushed voices because the woman was very popular, and | Read More »

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    What One Foreign Student Did to America

    I am going to say something that is so politically incorrect. Most people on this blog are aware of the negative effects of illegal immigration. But there is another maybe more insidious form of immigration or temporary residence that takes place via student or visiting-faculty visas. After 9/11 students entering the States became an important consideration, but only as it related to potential terrorists from | Read More »

    The Money-Laundering Model and Obama’s Pandora’s Box

    Obama’s spending frenzy has gone uncensored by a main stream media obsessed with the $150,000 the RNC donated for Palin’s campaign wardrobe. Lack of censorship has helped disguise an element of immorality in Obama’s campaign financing, evidenced in the initial trickery to get McCain to accept public funds, in the significant number of secret donations, and most importantly in the excessive advertising that seems to | Read More »

    Latest Report from Obama´s Speech Therapist

    Mr. Obama has shown some improvement in his ability to speak his thoughts without stammering or halting, especially since much of what he had to say during the last days on the campaign trail was repetitive. However, Mr. Obama continues to falter when he speaks without a teleprompter, notwithstanding these past two years of intensive therapy. As stated in my previous reports, this is not | Read More »



    While it is true, as Obama has pointed out in defense of himself, that America has known some degree of social interventionism in its sociopolitical history, Obama´s desire to ¨spread the wealth around¨ has nothing to do with social “fairness.” Obama’s economic ideology is rooted in Marxism, but his modus operandi comes from Saul Alinsky. Those who espouse Marxist theory but live in democratic societies | Read More »


    Despite 9/11, many Americans continue to be either baffled by or ignorant of Muslim ways and laws. That is understandable. To the average American, a theocracy is like a dark and dangerous far-away island where nobody wants to travel. Separation of church and state is a concept Western society holds dear. But there is another concept in the modern Western paradigm that is not addressed | Read More »

    It’s the Economy, Stupid: Obama’s Hidden Agenda

    Voters are wasting their time if they are looking at Obama’s economic plan to decide whether he is or is not a “socialist.” As an introductory note,let me say that Pelosi and her team are also “socialists,” in what many perceive to be the negative sense of the word, so that is nothing new. In my view, their pressure on the big banks to make | Read More »