Complaining about the NSA? What about the Income Tax?

    Currently, one of the largest political arguments is NSA data mining telephone records and Internet data capture. The perception of a lack of privacy of our electronic communications is a major complaint. Yet every day millions of American citizens report to the federal government where they work and how much money they make. It is my opinion that if you don’t argue against the Income | Read More »

    Fair Tax – Abolish the IRS

    The perfect answer to the latest IRS actions is to implement the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax calls for, and requires the abolition of the IRS. The government should not have the ability to know where I work and how much money I make. It is an invasion of my privacy. They just use the information to put us in groups and play us against | Read More »

    Backward and Stupid? It must be Government.

    Apple has so much cash that it has to borrow money? That sounds like another “If it is backward and stupid, it must be government” story. Yes, Apple is said to have $150 Billion dollars in cash, much of it is overseas. So why would they look to borrow money? TAXES! If they brought billions of dollars back into this country, which would help to | Read More »

    What about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Mr. President?

    Mr. President, what do you have to say about Dr. Kermit Gosnell? The press will cover every word you have to say about bereaved parents and their lost children. The press will fly around the country with you and coo over your every word about saving one life, but they say nothing of Dr. Gosnell. “If there’s even one life that can be saved, we’ve | Read More »