Todd Akin just doesnt get it

    Just for the record, I am an out of state conservative who DONATED for the Akin campaign in the primary.   Today he released an ad saying that he was sorry for just “the wrong choice of words”. Here is the link Does he not understand as to what the firestorm is all about ? The fundamental problem is not his pro life views | Read More »

    What is wrong with Michelle Bachmann ?

    She has been an excellent crusader against ObamaCare and she has stood upto the Democrats between 2008-2010. She is one of those vocal proponents who ensured that the tea party enthusiasm translated to a House win in 2010. Having done all the hard work, why is she making reckless and irresponsible accusations ? For me if the LSM calls them reckless and irresponsible, I wouldnt | Read More »

    I would love President George W Bush campaign for Romney

    Before people get worked up by the title of the diary, let us see if the benefits outweigh the costs First the Cons Obama has spent the last 3 1/2 years blaming Bush. He attributes the lack of economic growth to Bush. So with Bush campaigning, the MSM would continue this BS story. Yes I get it.   Now to the Pros With Bush on | Read More »

    Conservatism in the San Francisco Bay Area

    People often believe that leftist liberalism is at its extremes in California and more precisely in the SF Bay Area (SFBA). A quick look at some of the propositions (measures) that we have voted on might shed a slightly different light 1. Defense of Marriage CA was expected to be the first populous state to change the definition of marriage. However, that proposition was voted | Read More »

    Conservative view on offshoring Hi-Tech high paying jobs

    I am trying to understand the conservatives’ opinions on the offshoring of High tech jobs to places like India. Please note these high tech jobs like Software Engineering and design are high paying jobs ($80K – $150K) and not some call center jobs. For the last decade or so, the US Chamber of commerce has been constantly claiming shortage of skills and has been importing | Read More »

    Ryan’s Budget

    I went through Ryan’s budget proposal and there  good receipes to tackle the deficits in the short term and address the long term debt. In fact his idea of tackling the medicaid through vouchers is a very good step forward. However, he needs to address the key legitimate issue  of what happens if the private insurance companies stop accepting vouchers (even with government assurance on | Read More »

    Lets focus on down ticket races

    As an ardent Tea Partier in CA, it pains me to write this diary. In the presidential race, I will do my part voting for our nominee (holding my nose) but would play a more active role in the down ticket races to increase Conservative not RINO members in Congress. As each day passes, I am feeling more and more that we would have a bruised | Read More »