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    I blame Coulter, Drudge and Rubin

    Jennifer Rubin, Drudge and Ann Coulter are idiots. They were all in the bag for Romney from day 1 of the primaries. I get that my man, Newt, was a

    Newt’s Strategy

    I’m sitting here watching the MSM go crazy about Newt staying in the race. How it helps Romney, makes no sense and he has no chance at the nomination etc.


    Newt and Rick……there is little doubt, that in order to stop Romney, one needs to get out of the race.  From my perspective, Newt has more experience, is more dynamic,

    Santorum VS Gingrich

    Contrary to popular belief, I am beginning to think the race could come down to these two. Romney is one more gaffe (poor, severely etc) or disappointing finish from being

    Rick S Campaign…a short note for you

    I think Rick is great. Really strong candidate.  Not a perfect candidate, none are.  Problem is I think Newt is just a stronger candidate this time around and he has

    Powerful New Newt Spot

    Take a look at the new 2 min spot…..thoughts….. Seems pretty powerful on what Newt says about the Obama/Romney differences being pretty incremental and far from stark. Should the

    The Lies End in Florida

    Is it me or does there seem to be a bit of a backlash in Florida the last 24 hours or so against the Romney lies, distortions and his trying

    A letter to the Romney Florida Base…

    I think you are selling Newt short.  There is no candidate who can better articulate conservative principles like individual responsibility, getting government out of the way, lower taxes and liberty

    Rush Nailed it…. (re: Newt)

    Rush just said “Newt stands for an IDEAL, Mitt stands for getting himself elected” This sums it up well.  Newt stands for conservative principles of smaller government, individual freedom, individual


    Well, that wasn’t so bad! A clearly bitter ex offered nothing new and ABC even played Newt’s debate response! ABC even sort of discredited her by pointing out that she