Open Letter to Speaker Boehner and Rep. Cantor-take H.R.589 and run with it.

    Turning a Lemon into Lemonade. Yes, that H.R.589. From the Orange County Register… Thursday’s meeting might best be described as exploratory because a large gulf remains about how to pay for the estimated $16 billion cost of the benefits. When Lee introduced the bill in February, she argued the cost should be deemed emergency benefits and added to the deficit as has been traditional with | Read More »

    Historically low taxation, Defunding Obamacare and the Pledge to America.

    There has been a lot written here recently on the current situation with the budget passed by the House- 60 billion vs 100 billion vs 2 trillion, weather the leadership is breaking the Pledge to America or not, are they corrupt or just stupid. Let me start by saying I’m cool with the 60 Billion for now. The real test is what they do when | Read More »

    Law enforcement in San Diego County and Education in California.

    One of my guiding principles come election time was summed up best By Robert Heinlein– There’s not always someone to vote for, but there’s always someone to vote against. Speaking of San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore… The appointed incumbent, Gore is endorsed by former Sheriff Bill Kolender,  D.A Bonnie Dumanis, and most of the political establishment. He has outspent his two opponents combined by | Read More »

    Badges of Dishonor.

    Since it seems this isn’t going away, and I don’t feel like waiting for yesterdays 200 some post link to load, let’s try again. (Besides, some said this deserved it’s own diary).The best account of the BP case case I’ve found (for those who prefer facts and evenhandedness over WND spin) is a Pamela Colloff piece in Texas Monthly called Badges of Dishonor (pdf file). | Read More »

    The Party of Reform-Election Reform.

    One theme that rightfully seems to keep coming up lately here and among the GOP as a whole is the problems with the election process. The number of subjects include: Early primaries in states not representative of the party as a whole Leapfrogging primaries Lack of a 50 state strategy Apathy among supporters of underdog candidates Depressed turnout in western states Open primaries with crossover | Read More »