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    Wisconsin poll update – Ted increases his lead!

    A new poll by Washington Free Beacon conducted on March 19-20 shows Cruz leading Trump by 4.8 points, 36.2 to 31.4. Ohio Gov. John Kasich trails with 20.8.  This is up from the Emerson College Poll which showed Cruz with a 1 point lead of Trump. Cruz’s lead expands dramatically in a head-to-head contest with Trump. If Kasich were to drop out before the primary, | Read More »

    Time Reporter Used Fabricated Evidence Against Cruz Campaign

    We all know the story now – CNN carried a story about how some of Rubio’s advisers were counseling him to leave the race in order to save his political career because losing badly to Trump in his own state of Florida would put Rubio’s political career into a terminal dive.  An email from a site called ““, announced that the story was being reported | Read More »

    Hey Chris Christie, the Simpsons did it first!

    As with virtually everything, it appears that Homer Simpson was there before everyone else.     For your edification, some additional Simpson-Trump fun:    

    Holy Hannah! New NBC/WSJ poll shows Cruz with national lead

    Looks like Trump’s melt-down in the debate is having consequences!  Let’s hope this is true and holds up! Sources: Behind paywall: Cruz campaign moves quickly to fundraise off WSJ/NBC poll showing them in lead. "This is a big deal!"– @WilsonWPA — Teddy Schleifer (@teddyschleifer) February 18, 2016

    Does Trump want to get it on with his daughter?

    Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah points out that we should all be a little disturbed at Trump and his obsession with sex and his daughter.  Trigger warning  – clips shown in the video might make one throw up a little in their mouth. Sorry it’s in a link – I couldn’t find a copy on youtube and the embed html wasn’t working here, but the link | Read More »

    Colbert made a campaign ad for Cruz

    I wouldn’t normally have seen this because I don’t watch leftist commentators like Colbert but a friend sent it to me and I thought it was good enough to share.  Since Trump dropped out of the last debate, Colbert put on a Trump v. Trump debate and it’s pretty damn funny.  It’s worth 8 minutes of your time.

    Palestinian statehood bid? Or Obama election play?

    On September 13, 2011, Democrats got shellacked in NY-9 and lost that seat for the first time in almost 90 years in large part because orthodox Jews, who make up a large part of Brooklyn, voted against Dems as a protest against Obama’s policies on Israel and the issue of Palestine. Move forward by a week and we see the Palestinians pressing for a vote | Read More »

    FYI- Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Anti-Union Law!

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has reversed the lawless judge Sumi — in the JS’s words “The court concluded that Sumi exceeded her jurisdiction, “invaded” the Legislature’s constitutional powers and erred in halting the publication and implementation of the collective bargaining law.” Basically, the court said that the Legislature acted within the law and within it’s power when it | Read More »

    MSM’s Game: What Party Am I?

    Let’s see, politician does something stupid or deceitful -or in this case both.  However, the news articles in local and national news sources don’t identify the politician’s political affiliation.  Is he an independent then?  Will the readers be left to their own prejudices to read-into which party he belongs to?  Is his party affiliation a deep hush-hush state secret that reporter could not discover after | Read More »

    Michael Steele on the Daily Show – Stewart rips Steele for good cause

    As noted in my previous diary, Steele recently said in a speech that blacks didn’t have a reason to vote for Republicans.   Jon Stewart picks up on this and rips it good – noting that blacks have plenty of good reasons to vote Republican – Nixon’s affirmative action, Voting Rights Act, school vouchers, etc.  For good measure, he interviewed Ken Blackwell subsequently. It was a | Read More »