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    North Korea Tests Nuke…Don’t They Know Obama Is The President Now?

    Well, I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand.   Doesn’t Kim Jong Il know that Barack Obama is President?  I know news travels slow in these communist thugocracies, but shouldn’t the message of “hope and change” have reached them by now?   I thought the North Koreans, and other tyrannical toilet-states, only engaged in this kind of behavior because they were antagonized by the | Read More »

    Once Again We Are Disappointed By Shameful Torture Allegations.

    A March 16th article in the Washington Post details allegations contained in a Red Cross report of Torture at CIA jails which are, in my opinion, a national embarrassment. The report outlines what is described as “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” or terrorist detainees and includes accounts of “physical and psychological brutality”. Upon reading that far into the article, I was understandably curious. I am, | Read More »

    Take Five Rush…I Got This One.

    So the Obama goons think we should throw Rush Limbaugh overboard do they? I’m going to say that again. The liberals are encouraging we, conservatives, to abandon Rush…because they don’t like him? Here comes one of my favorite phrases: You’ve gotta be [bleeping] kidding me! Man, there really is a right time for the F-bomb isn’t there? I wouldn’t ditch a kidney stone to appease | Read More »

    Obama’s “Shovel-Ready” Speech to Congress

    So I’m a glutton for punishment, which is why I decided to watch CBS’s coverage of Barack’s speech to congress. I couldn’t resist the chance to observe Katie Couric in full-dress idolatry. As always, Katie didn’t disappoint with the type of hard-hitting journalistic skills that Larry Flynt gives scholarships for. As His Excellency made his way to the podium, Katie apparently reached over, punched the | Read More »

    The Fierce Urgency of Socialism

    Apparently, Obama and his minions thought they would ride into Washington DC and be “welcomed as liberators”. Evidently, he proclaimed “mission accomplished” a little too early. It seems that he was “unprepared” for the level of resistance he would face. Perhaps the pre-inauguration estimates were even…shall we say…inaccurate? So former President-Elect Barack Obama, appalled at Republicans who are acting like Republicans, has taken his show | Read More »

    Remember The Bush/Chimpanzee Picture That Liberals Thought Was Sooooo Funny?…

    I’m sure you’ve seen that one. It was a picture comparing various expressions of President Bush to various expressions of a monkey that made the rounds on the internet? Liberals circulated a lot of funny little pictures of Bush on the internet… didn’t they. Well, I thought it would be a good time to return the favor. I plan on returning a lot of favors | Read More »

    Hey Hollywood, I’ve Got Your “Pledge” Right Here!

    By now just about everyone has seen the nauseating “Pledge to Obama” video made by the walking [censored] with eyes Ashton Kutcher and his mostly organic wife Demi Moore. In case you haven’t, I’ll summarize it for you. The usual gaggle of celebutards (Diddy, the no-name chick from “Lost”, the Chinese girl from Charlie’s Angels, that Mexican-stereotype comedian guy…and the great, learned scholar Anthony Kiedes) | Read More »

    Happy 100th Birthday…Saul Alinsky.

    That’s right, everyone’s favorite commie and the father of modern street agitation turns one hundred today… January 30th 2009. I’ll pause for a second so we can truly appreciate our circumstance here in the United States of America. We have a Marxist President. We have a Supreme Court that has established itself as a secular tribunal. And our Congress makes the dudes hanging out at | Read More »

    So Biden is Going To The Munich Security Conference?…This Ought To Be Good.

    In his first trip as Vice President, Joe “Stand up Chuck!” Biden is off to embarrass himself in front of the Germans…a challenge, but we know Joe is up to it. After issuing his first Vice Presidential apology for insulting the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot of apologies from this guy), Biden will | Read More »

    The “W” Legacy…It Is Time For History To Get It Right

    I had a chance to watch the coverage of President Bush’s return to Texas and I have to say, there is something that has bothered me ever since. He addressed the crowd from behind a podium bearing the Texas state seal and spoke in the same folksy manner we have seen from him since day one. As he finished his speech and went on to | Read More »