We need less purity and more Machiavelli

    Kudos to all who have held firm by demanding the absolute best we can get in this budget/debt ceiling argument.  I must admit I blinked before some here in that I gave Boehner the credit of possibly having a plan, while most here were already planning to throw him out of power.  Those that continued to demand our leadership ask for more and more were | Read More »

    Don’t let them steal our history!

    The Federal Holiday today is George Washington’s Birthday, it is NOT “presidents day”.  It does not matter how many times Fox News says it is presidents day, it is still not the case.  Here is a link to the Federal holiday calendar. <a href=””>”Federal Holiday Calendar”</> I believe that almost everyone calls it Presidents Day is a conspiracy of monkey see monkey do.  Every year | Read More »

    This might not be a diary per se, but I think it could clear up a few things, and actually be fun

    We have seen so many diaries about what it is to be a conservative lately.  We have libertarian-conservatives, social-conservatives, false-conservatives, and even just conservatives typing reams about the subject.  Some of us have been here for years chatting politics, yet still arguing about who is conservative, where people stand, etc. I have an idea that might at least give the group some insight into each | Read More »

    NRA= The dog that finally caught the car

    How did we get into this mess?  A quick historical background is in order.  It was 1994 and the Democrats finally lost control of their birthright; control of the US House of Representatives and the Senate.  This was no normal election loss, this was a palace coup, this was not supposed to happen.  Even when Reagan was in charge, he had to deal with the | Read More »

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    Finally, Federalism wins one!

    After years of prodding, the Bush Administration finally is taking away the ban on the Second Amendment in National Parks!  Several gun organizations, lead by the Virginia Citizens Defense League have been pushing and lobbying for this change for years.  For some reason the Bush administration has finally done the right thing.  In the very near future, concealed handgun permit holders will be able to | Read More »

    Let’s Bring down Murtha!

    Why don’t we as a community focus on an effort to fund Bill Russell’s campaign against the Marine hating, redneck hating, moonbat extraodinaire Jack Murtha? The nutroots are always raising money to defeat our friends, I think it is about time we do likewise. It is easy to talk, but we are preaching to the converted here. I have been a part of 2A groups | Read More »

    Open Thread

    This is an insurgent open thread. I really don’t have a diary to write that I would be proud of, but I have a few comments. If anyone else wants to make comments without “hijacking” a diary, go right ahead. 1) I have a serious complaint about RedState I mean 2.0 It seems the member posts do not refresh unless I close RedState and | Read More »


    Enthusiasm Gap on the web?

    Maybe I do not frequent the right sites, or maybe my eyesight is not as good these days, but I don’t seem to see any coordinated McCain funding drives on Conservative Websites, including RedState. The enthusiasm gap has been discussed for a long time during this campaign. They had the lead early and for a long time, then we got it back with Palin, and | Read More »

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    The Doc is moving on

    blah blah

    The Abolition of RedState

    I have to rewrite this diary because I lost the long text after rebooting for the third time. I have attempted to sign in and post probably 30 times tonight. I no longer have the interest to go into the detail of my last attempt so I will keep this short and sour. As far as I am concerned, Redstate 3.0 is a collosal failure. | Read More »