Concerning Hobbits

    I really don’t understand why the Wall Street Journal or any other blogger who has defamed the Tea Party would think calling us hobbits would be an insult. It begs to be asked: Did they see the movie or read the book or just hide in a pop-culture-proof cave for the last decade? Well, we know the story but I might as well share it: | Read More »

    Western Conservative Summit 2011

    This is pretty much my first political convention of any kind. It’s a little strange not going to a scifi/fantasy convention (though there is cosplaying: See Cecilia Thompson’s website, It’s not even really a convention, just a small gathering of a thousand people at the Mariott Denver Center Hotel sponsored by Colorado Christian University. The people are nice and friendly and interesting to talk | Read More »

    Tree of Life: Movie Review

    Guh… Talking about politics too much makes you lose almost all hope for humanity after a while. So instead, here’s a post on a movie I saw on a date last Friday. (Warning: Spoilers) TREE OF LIFE (2011) Written and directed by Terrence Malick Starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain The Plot: A middle aged man (Sean Penn) tries to sort out the | Read More »

    Zionist World Conspiracy Theories: A Response

    On numerous right and even left wing sites I check out, I often see at least one post that accuses the Jews and Israel of running the world in secret and just drumming up sympathy through their money going to the right pockets. After all, there are so many Jews in finance, in Hollywood, the media and politics that surely it’s all one big conspiracy | Read More »

    July Fourth: An Open Letter to Liberals

    Why is it that anyone who brings up their pride in America nowadays has to make apologies for it? You can’t go a day without acknowledging slavery or the mistreatment of Native Americans or how so terrible life was under the Bush administration. Especially on THIS day where most Americans just want to celebrate the freedom and prosperity we have and the men and women | Read More »

    Wild Mass Guessing

    If you’re familiar with, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Wild Mass Guessing pages for the various shows, movies, video games, comics etc that propose numerous theories for explaining every strange thing in the plot of the story, the future developments of the story, or the story’s place in a larger meta-fictional context. (I personally think Labyrinth is part of the larger Muppet Universe | Read More »

    The Conservative Archaeologist

    Archaeology has been glamorized in our culture thanks to fiction. When you hear or read the word “archaeologist”, what leaps into most people’s minds is Indiana Jones fighting Nazis, cultists and Communists. Unless you don’t count the last movie in which case it’s just Nazis and Cultists. Like most people who entered anthropology, I did so with an interest in studying human societies and understanding | Read More »

    Why Communism is Bad: Simplified… For an Intellectual

    There’s some background info on how I arrived at my conclusion for this post. You can skip it by going down to “The Argument” header in bold. When you study anthropology, inevitably it leads to you trying to understand politics. This is because anthropology is the science of humanity in all it’s forms, from our physical evolution to the dynamics of our differences in organized | Read More »

    Thoughts on Student Government on a Leftist Campus

    There are many things I will do for a friend, and many things I will do for a pretty girl. Both of these compulsions of mine were brought forth and pulled me into politics on my campus-Politics I generally have utterly no interest in because they are predictable: College Leftism. There’s little wisdom to gain in such a climate. Despite this hostile environment though, I | Read More »

    Hydrofracking Banned in Buffalo Hydraulic Fracturing (Hydrofracking) is a mining technique utilized for at least sixty years in the United States. The method is simple: water that has been treated chemically and infused with sand or ceramic bits is pumped into cracks in shale formations to break them apart and release natural gas and oil. It’s also been used to release water and create new wells. However, recently | Read More »