young conservative from deep in Steeler country.


    Let’s Take The Long View

    Another tropical storm is heading for the East Coast as we speak.  Hurricane Scandy has enveloped the skies above the Obama White House.  The President is being buffeted with the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Sebelius fundraising scandal and the whole Obamacare implementation imbroglio, the illegal appointments of the NLRB commissioners and Richard Cordray, and of course Benghazi. The second term curse is coming | Read More »

    Democrats Gone Wild: Chaos in Jersey

    DISCLAIMER: This whole scenario is unlikely, but is a distinct possibility.   Bob Menendez has gotten himself into a real mess. It is never a good idea to allegedly go cavorting around the Dominican Republic with underage prostitutes on a trip paid for by a wealthy eye surgeon who is also a campaign donor. The Senate Ethics Committee is currently investigating the ethics violations, and | Read More »

    There is No Silver Bullet for Gun Control: A Rebuttal to “Battleground America” by Jill Lepore

    In an ideal world, there would be no crime, and there would be no violence.  Unfortunately this idealistic vision of the way it should be is not possible.  There is violence, there is sorrow, and there is danger in American society. Crime is rampant in the inner cities.  Deranged killers threaten citizens’ safety and security. Numerous proposals have been made in attempts to halt the | Read More »

    How Conservatives Can Save the Cities

    A lack of competition is never good for anyone.  One party domination beings to stifle creativity of a healthy debate on the issues, and this lack of variety leaves the major party weak to stagnation and and a population restless for change.  That is nowhere more clear in our inner cities.  The Republican Party has largely abandoned the cities to the Democrats, and our cities | Read More »

    Who I Am as a Conservative

    Well this is my RedState debut.  I am a junior in high school, in an area where most of the “intelligentsia” of my age are liberals and there are but a few conservative stalwarts to counter their views.  Technically I would be a moderate, but my reputation among the young McGoverns in my school is that I am the most hard-line, reactionary Republican since David | Read More »