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    Hoe the Establish Clause is casually misinterpreted

    Point by point response to Rep Steve Israels Op Ed on

    I had  a little fun breaking down DCCC chair Steve Israels Op Ed on  The Democrats are desperately trying to deflect blame for the disaster they’ve inflicted on the American people. Stephen Labate is running for Israels seat (NY CD3) in 2014.  Labate is a 24 year Army Officer who served in Iraq, a solid conservative, and just an overall good guy. We need | Read More »

    Debunking the “Republican Sabotage” Myth

    As predictable as they are insane,  Democrats witnessing the havoc they inflicted on millions of Americans lives are taking the position that , if not for the existence of Republicans, the Obamacare Meltdown (i.e. Rollout) would have went of Hunky Dory. The First crackpot argument is that a group of unknown Republicans setup countless anonymous software bots that crashed the server, and apparently caused | Read More »

    ‘Small Business will Drop Employees Health Coverage in Droves’ says Howard Dean on The Ed Show 6/28/2012

    Its time to go to the mattresses folks. As hard as it is to swallow, the last week has brought me to the conclusion that we are a truly post-Constitutional republic.  Two years ago,  our jaws hit the floor as temporary politicians , many of whom were not elected, some of whom arrived in office under highly questionable circumstances,  sought to pass and implement a | Read More »

    Yes we know he wasn’t born in Kenya, but that’s not the Point…..

    I’ve never been a believer in conspiracy theories because they all involve a basic impossibility of human nature;  many different strangers keeping each others secrets. So the whole birther thing never resonated with me in the slightest.  Even if the  theory we true, it didn’t  affect Obamas eligibility to be President. But the news today is telling of Obamas character in the same  Elizabeth Warrens insistence the she is of Native | Read More »

    Is Romney a Dennis Miller fan??

    Did you ever hear ( or think of for that matter ) an idea that will advance conservatism that is so simple and effective that it’s almost a guarantee that none of the guys on our side will use it?? That’s exactly how I felt watching the Dennis Miller segment on The O’Reilly Factor  March 6th 2012 If I was the GOP candidate come summer and fall, | Read More »

    Why Trump has Billions and I Don’t

    For the past few weeks there have been all sorts of debates around ConservativeLand about the motives of Donald Trump and the Birther issue. The Consensus has generally been the Trump was being entirely self serving, promoting a wacko conspiracy theory got Trump exposure, which was thought to be to  the detriment of the Republican Party.  This was also the prevailing theory behind the non | Read More »

    Classic DNC Platform : Republicans want to Force You to have a Rapists Baby or Something….

    I just saw an Andrew Cuomo attack ad on Carl Palidino that had the classic Liberal Lament “CARL PALIDINO WANTS TO  FORCE RAPE VICTIMS TO BEAR THE CHILD” Now at this point in time, the Governor of New York has little if any influence about Abortion laws in New York or anywhere else, and I’m pretty sure as Attorney General Cuomo knows that,  but the | Read More »

    OMG!! Christine O’ Donnell once drove 42 in a 35mph zone!!

    OMG Bill Maher has a tape of Christine O’Donnell admitting to hanging out with some dippy people while in her early twenties. This O’ Donnell has some serious character issues. Next thing you know they’ll find proof her boyfriend ran a Gay Brothel out of her apartment.. like Barney Frank Or that she let a woman drown because she was trying to cover up a | Read More »

    The Nassau County “Conservative Party” is a FRAUD!!! Vote FRANK SCATURRO GOP Primary NY CD4!!!

    The Nassau County NY GOP is the definition of a good ol’ boys (and girls) network.  The Party  establishment picks its candidates and the Party machine sees that those candidates are on the ballot and get the votes needed for the GOP nomination.  This system is not at all conducive to producing principle driven politicians.  What it does produce is a culture of cronyism  with | Read More »