Scott Brown is a Giant Killer.  His campaign pulled off the impossible and it is inspiring as a vastly outspent underdog in an area with a powerful Democrat machine prevailed.

The Brown campaigns ‘Hey Dad’ 30 second TV spot turned out to be one of the most brilliant political ads in recent history.  It portrays Scott Brown as a family guy who drives a pickup truck with a lot of mileage. He needed an introduction to voters as he was not well known, and his sunny dispostion and concerns about the growth of government really came through in that ad.

And Obama and Coakley and the rest poked fun at him and his truck….

But I believe that the most powerful effect of that ad was the reaction of Obama and Coakley. They simply couldn’t comprehend the unconscious attraction of voters  to a senate candidate who drives a 6 year truck that’s paid for.  Scott Brown in his ad radiated a sense of thrift that is so alien to Washington DC  in this era where congress burns through trillions of dollars and attempts to marginalize citizens who attempt to petition them to redress their grievances.

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