**NY CD-4 Republicans Frank Scaturro is the only conservative in the Republican Primary**

We are still 7 weeks from election day, and yet this is already one of the most gratifying election season in my lifetime..


Because time and time again, a principled conservative has beaten a establishment endorsed  Republican.  Grass roots campaigns and dedicated volunteers have defeated well financed, well connected, legacy type politicians.  I know we haven’t won them all but if I told you this past January that Haley, Angle, Buck, Rubio, Miller, Lee among others would all beat Republican establishment types, you’d probably  think I was way over optimistic.

Let’s slap down one more incestuous, corrupt, failure of a Republican establishment by nominating Frank Scaturro in NY-4.

NY -4 encompasses substantial part of Nassau County NY and in currently represented by the ultra left wing Carolyn McCarthy (D).

Frank is 38, a life long resident of the district, and is a well credentialed conservative.  He has been campaigning fro this office for the last 18 months  His main opponent is seven term Nassau County legislator Fran Becker.  Becker is from a very political family that are long time Nassau Republicans.  I don’t hold that against him, but it is solely the fact that Becker and his family are members of the Republican machine that the slimy Nassau County GOP Chairman Joe Mondello picked him to run for this office in mid June.

I have also heard from reliable sources that upon Becker entering this race, Frank Scaturro was told by the Nassau GOP Chairman to drop out of the race, or forget about running for political office in Nassau County again.  In so many words.

Frank has the potential to be a congressman akin to Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann.  He is that principled, that good a speaker and the hard a worker.  Fran Becker will do what the Republican Establishment tells him to do.

The following video clips taken from a recent debate should speak for themselves.

If you’re still not convinced…..

This is a link to the video of the entire debate scroll down to the video titled CD4 Candidate’s Debate – Hewlett NY 08-31-10.. If you start the video and then press pause the entire video will download in a few minutes you can scroll through the video to the relevant points.

At 15:00 minutes, Becker is asked his opinion on campaign finance reform. It is obvious that he doesn’t have a clue what campaign finance reform even means.

At 46:10 is one of the most telling parts of the debate and makes me think that Nassau Republican voters have have of Mondello and his cronyism . Becker is asked why he only entered the race a month ago, while Scaturro and Maloney have been campaigning for a year. He basically states that while he entered the race late, he was the only one the could get the endorsement of Mondello. The Audience reaction (you might even be able to hear me) was priceless.….

There is a third candidate, Dan Maloney.  He is articulate and well informed populist type candidate.  While I believe Maloney is better qualified than Becker, I don’t believe he could lead a viable campaign to unseat Carolyn McCarthy and more importantly, I don’t think that Maloneys conservative principles would trump his populist instincts in a pressure situation.

If you want to send a message to the  slimy, creepy ,bums of  Nassau GOP Leadership,  Grab ten friends and vote for Frank Scaturro in the GOP primary on Tuesday..

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