The Nassau County “Conservative Party” is a FRAUD!!! Vote FRANK SCATURRO GOP Primary NY CD4!!!

The Nassau County NY GOP is the definition of a good ol’ boys (and girls) network.  The Party  establishment picks its candidates and the Party machine sees that those candidates are on the ballot and get the votes needed for the GOP nomination.  This system is not at all conducive to producing principle driven politicians.  What it does produce is a culture of cronyism  with big county patronage jobs being doled out after every election.  The other inevitable result when Republicans are more loyal to their local GOP than to their principles,  are Democrat victories.

Nassau County had been under Democrat control for years until this past November.  Republican Ed Mangano won a shocker of an election in November 2009 beating two term incumbent Democrat Tom Suozzi by 300 votes…

But that’s not at all the whole story.

New York has an obscure election law that allows candidates to run on multiple lines on the ballot.  The total votes received by a candidate from every line they are the candidate determnies the outcome of the election. The New York Working Families Party ballot line is  usually the same Candidate as the Democrat Party and the New York Conservative Party line is usually the same as the Republican Candidate….

Now think for a moment,  what would your instinctive reaction be to a candidate representing the Conservative Party? In particular,  think what would go through your mind if that candidate was different than the Republican Party candidate? RINO vs conservative…….?  Scazzofava vs Hoffman…. ?

That’s what I thought….  Well thats just a load of BullCrap…

The Conservative Party does not necessarily equate to the conservative philosophy.  In fact, the Nassau County Conservative Party will pro actively  derail a conservative Republican candidate to protect the patronage jobs of Nassau Conservative Party Insiders…..

Back to Ed Mangano the current Nassau County Executive.  The county Executive position was by far the biggest office that was on the Nassau County  ballot in 2009 and yet Mangano was the only Republican that did not also receive the Conservative Party Nomination..   Mangano won by 300 votes..  The Conservative Party candidate recieved 10000 votes or 4% of the ballots cast.

Now Ed Mangano is a solid conservative.. The ONLY reason that he did not receive the Conservative Party Nomination was because the former Conservative Party Chairman Roger Bogsted was appointed to a BS bureaucratic patronage job by Manganos opponent, the incumbent Democrat Tom Suozzi.

Conveniently enough, the chairman of the Nassau County Republican Party and former New York State Republican Party Chairman Joe Mondello knew about the whole incestuous  relationship between Suozzi and Bogsted and that Bogsted was intentionally hamstringing a Conservative in favor of a  Liberal.

We’ re still waiting on a comment from Mondello.

And there’s a good shot we’re gonna see the same sliminess from these clown come November.

VOTE  FRANK SCATURRO TODAY,  the only solid conservative in the race who is up against the Nassau GOP machine…



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