OMG!! Christine O’ Donnell once drove 42 in a 35mph zone!!

OMG Bill Maher has a tape of Christine O’Donnell admitting to hanging out with some dippy people while in her early twenties. This O’ Donnell has some serious character issues.

Next thing you know they’ll find proof her boyfriend ran a Gay Brothel out of her apartment.. like Barney Frank

Or that she let a woman drown because she was trying to cover up a DUI… like Teddy Kennedy.

Or maybe she used an interns vag ina for an ashtray (while married) and told that intern to lie about the whole affair under oath (or as I like to call it, felony obstruction of justice) like BJ (Bill Jefferson) Clinton..

Or that she was friendly with a guy who preached the US government created AIDS to kill Black people AND a guy who bombed the Pentagon and is ‘sorry he didn’t do more’… like B Hussein Obama.

Or ‘forgot’ to pay taxes on an income property in DR and held 4 rent controlled apartments in a city where people are desperate for affordable housing… like Charlie Rangle

It seems to me that only conservatives are to be held accountable for questionable judgments made in their past.

And if you are Liberal, the more heinous and contemptible your actions are, the more likely you are lifted to icon status

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