Is Romney a Dennis Miller fan??

Did you ever hear ( or think of for that matter ) an idea that will advance conservatism that is so simple and effective that it’s almost a guarantee that none of the guys on our side will use it??

That’s exactly how I felt watching the Dennis Miller segment on The O’Reilly Factor  March 6th 2012

If I was the GOP candidate come summer and fall, I would just put a debt clock on the front of the podium. I wouldn’t even say a word – I’d stand there and watch it go up.

You see the truth is that the vast majority of Americans understand that if the Statists in charge are permitted to collapse our currency,  all Americans , gays who want to get married, women who want birth control, and dogs that don’t want to ride on car roofs,  will suffer the misery of the failure of our civil society.

The President and his ilk have no intention of cutting and reversing the massive deficits and the debt clock accumulating these unfathomable numbers is the the perfect illustration of that.  It also makes it clear that most every  other issue brought up by the Obama campaign, the Democrats and the Media (yeah I know I’m redundant ) is merely a distraction from the looming big government created disaster that the good people of this country face..

Apparently the Romney campaign agree with both Dennis Miller and myself and tonights Drudge headline link to this MSNBC article suggests.  (BTW MSNBC….  you guys throw the word ‘prop’ around a lot in that article as if to imply the debt is being overstated or not a pressing issue ..  I assure you the debt is as real and as serious as cancer.)

Bravo, Governor .  You’ve already shown in the early stages of this campaign that you wont shrivel up and concede defeat in the face of the most dangerous Statist infiltration that our nation has ever seen.  Now if you want to win this thing , stand on our first principles of individual liberty and you’ll win massive support from people of all walks of life .

Trying  to pander to those that have bought into the indentity politics game is an utter waste of time; those people have made thier decision long before you were a candidate…

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