Former physicist, turned computer science researcher, now retired. I worked with Ed Stone at Caltech on the HEAO-C science satellite, then worked at AT&T Bell Labs for 11 years, focusing mainly on image processing and computer graphics. That was followed by several years at Princeton University, and then a six year stint at Microsoft Research, where I was one of the inventors of the ClearType display technology used in Windows.


    Republicans Can Win Votes of the Poor

    Short answer: yes.  Liberal Democrats preside over the administration of most of our big cities, and for decades they have simply assumed they have the Black vote or the Hispanic vote in the bag.  But what have they really done for those communities?  Reformed the terrible inner city school systems?  No, that would mean losing big money from teacher’s unions.  Addressed unemployment?  No, again the | Read More »

    The Veterans of 1776

    I wish I had stumbled on this collection in time to post on Memorial Day, but I thought folks would be interested in this project.  The first attempt to photograph Revolutionary War Veterans was undertaken in 1864, and six men were found and photographed while they still lived. In 1976, Joseph M. Bauman began a 30-year project to analyze daguerreotypes and research the history of the | Read More »

    Russian Roulette in Ukraine

    If you want to watch tragic history taking place before your eyes, I recommend the reporting on the Ukraine by Simon Ostrovsky.  There are 40 dispatches so far, including #31 where Ostrovsky discusses his arrest and beating by pro-Russian forces.  You can watch the take-over of Crimea, and then events in Eastern Ukraine.  This is astonishing stuff, and it starts here: Now is a tricky | Read More »

    Lomborg on Climate Fear Mongering

    For those concerned about the issue of climate change, I highly recommend seeing the new documentary on Bjorn Lomborg, author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” and much hated by climate fear mongers. I just watched it on Amazon Prime instant video, and the DVD is out too. If you’re looking for climate change denial, then this isn’t for you.  Lomborg thinks the world is warming and | Read More »

    Keep Howard Zinn out of our High Schools

      I’ve been thinking about Howard Zinn since I saw the diatribe on “The Oatmeal” against Christopher Columbus.  In Minneapolis, the leftist mayor has replaced Columbus Day with an “Indigenous People’s Day”.  And like many others, I’ve been appalled by Oliver Stone’s extremely biased series of anti-American history documentaries.  All of these things have been motivated by Howard Zinn’s “influential mutilations of American history”: As | Read More »

    Defend the Humanites

      In line with my previous diary, I found this excellent essay about how neo-Marxists have destroyed the humanities. “There was a time when “save the humanities” would have been an appropriate cry, but that was years ago, when they were being dismantled in one department after another and replaced with the intellectual triviality and sheer boredom of endlessly repetitive Marxist identity politics, as cowardly | Read More »

    The Long March Though the Institutions

    When Marx’s prediction of world-wide revolution failed to occur, leftist intellectuals began searching for a way to regain power and overthrow capitalism and democracy.  They explained their failure with a patronizing theory called “cultural hegemony”, the idea that the common man is a sheep, deluded by their rich overlords into false beliefs in individualism, freedom, property rights, and the opportunity for personal advance.  The idea was | Read More »

    U.S. Gives Up Root Internet Governance

    “To support and enhance the multistakeholder model of Internet policymaking and governance, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) today announces its intent to transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community.” Let’s at least hope they don’t give control of the internet to the United Nation’s corrupt and incompetent ITU.

    The Economy and Energy

    I. Who’s Fault Is This Mess? I believe in free markets. As a computer scientist, I’ve seen how the principles of capitalism have led to astonishing new inventions and positive economic activity just in my own field. As an historian of the Soviet space program, I also see just how poorly socialism functions in comparison. In our current economic problem, there is plenty of blame | Read More »