As Far As Idle Hands Go, These Guys Are Total…

    I’m a victim. An innocent bystander drawn into the stupiding of our children (I like to make up words…it’s called thinking outside the box). One day while innocently researching for an upcoming blog, I came across this mildly interesting game link that tests one’s knowledge of middle eastern geography: When your done no score is given. They just tell you “Complete!” Well, I thought | Read More »

    Amidst the shouting, the left begins to shift the argument

    Rumblings from the left grow louder challenging republicans “Well, what are you offering for health care reform?” In a sense, trying to shift the argument back to the GOP being “the party of NO” while at the same time slyly goading the right into a debate over not whether government involvement is necessary or constitutional but to what degree of government overhaul is required. People | Read More »

    Ah jeez, Mr. President. You must think I’m a total dummy

    I totally misunderstood the purpose behind your [email protected] email address.  I apologize for the following content of my email. I also apologize for my friends and family sending similar emails.  We are just simple folk with whom your subtlety is lost upon.  How were we supposed to know you didn’t want pictures of our favorite flags?

    Wahh! The Infidel Crusaders Started It!

    Soft heads blaming this war (er, I’m sorry “oversees contingency operation”) on the “West’s oppression of Muslims going back to the First Crusade.” A tragic lie blindly repeated as fact and never challenged. The truth of the matter is this war did not start with the First Crusade (1100 AD), it began with a forgotten crusade…actually, a forgotten jihad may be more appropriate.  Muslim Moors | Read More »

    Sorry About the Noise Left…

    …but we’re new to this game. I guess you could say that we’re just learning how to play. For while, it was fun to watch your shenanigans and the occasional bench clearing brawl from the bleachers, not fully understanding what you were doing, who the players were, or what the rules are. The problem was that there was just one team playing; the game we | Read More »

    Fear and Intimidation in America

    <Note: I originally posted this as a comment in Lori_Z’s blog snarkandboobs.  Thanks, Lori, for lighting a fire.> In the past, I would’ve chalked this whole thing up to typical party politics played by both sides: back and forth they go and little by little the principles of the Constitution are eroded by the tide of an expanding government and a more corrupt and incestuous | Read More »