Potential Federal Budget Balance Areas

    I have been asked to provide specifics as to what adjustments I would suggest in the Federal Budget to get it towards balance.  Here are my suggestions.  But first, let me predicate my suggestions with a basic philosophical comment.  The U. S. Economic System is predicated on the concept that people are responsible to participate in the economic system by getting a job, and earning | Read More »

    Thanks to Replies for New Republican Contract with America

    First, I thank those who responded to my  blog on the new Republican Contract with America.  Second, my comments will be generic to comments made on each item rather than specific to a person.  Third, thanks for your patience in awaiting my comments.  I don’t spend a lot of time on the author side of RedState.  So here goes for a response to the first | Read More »

    New Repulican Contract with America

    I believe now is the time for the Republican Party, inspired by its conservative base, to establish a new “Contract with America.”  The Republicans in the 111th Congress, and the Republican Party leadership needs to create a consensus on the 10 items to be included in the contract and begin implementation immediately.  Here’s my list: 1.  Get rid of the current Federal Income Tax System | Read More »

    This One’s Easy

    We have now had 3 terms of a supposedly (conservative) democrat representing the 8th Congressional District in Georgia–Jim Marshall. The Republican Party has finally found someone who has the personal stature to beat Jim Marshall this fall and swing the pendulum one vote away from the liberal democratic domestic policies. That man is Rick Goddard. I recommend we all rally round Rick with our votes | Read More »