Dick Cheney: Our Willing Punching Bag

    Just a quick (for me) thought to say simply, I like Dick Cheney. When the typically laconic Wyoming “cowboy” does speak, liberals fear to argue directly with him. He’s direct, to the point, and able to cut through the fog of doublespeak and eviscerate the two-faced. The worst thing he ever did is shoot his partner, but under the context of bird hunting, this is | Read More »

    A New Kind of Republican?

    Given the recent quandries a number of conservatives and/or Republicans have been in regarding their place in the GOP, and given that a number of commentators have been pontificating over the Sarah Palin phenomenon, I’d like to proffer an idea that may or may not have been disseminated of late. I have a dog in this hunt, as I left the GOP a few years | Read More »

    Warning: Sophistry Kills

    I have a friend, much more intelligent than I and trained in philosophical issues, that would disagree vehemently with me on my title above. I’m sure anyone named a “Sophist” would agree with my friend,but I think any supporter of the sophist position would have to at least concede that the connotative meaning of the word has devolved in its perceived value to a brute ugliness the Sophists | Read More »

    Quixotic Quests and Questions

    On the way home today, I was able to observe an electrical company erecting huge metal power poles along the freeway. They’ve been at it for awhile, apparently hooking up a gas-fired generating station about 50 miles away in the East to somewhere to the West of me. I had thought, and still wonder, that they were to hook up to a solar panel station | Read More »

    Proselytizing Patriots

    I just did an informal survey with my three kids, the oldest of which is 20 and the youngest of which is 13. I asked them if they knew the lyrics to some of the classic Americana songs being played in the background while fireworks danced on the TV screen. I’m sure two of them were instantly upset at the third, who was sick and | Read More »

    We Need Sam Adams… and Maybe a Beer as Well.

    All of the internal dialogue amongst conservatives fails to mask one enduring problem: how can we act? We can bloviate (thanks, Bill) until blue in the face and still not redden our states. The offer to consider beer in our discussions is not without merit; wasn’t it over beer that the Sons of Liberty lubricated their discourse? In a non-inebriated (is that ebriated, then?) state, | Read More »

    I Wish That None Would Be California Girls

    California, for some reason, just loves to offer up to the political sphere inane, imbecilic, and quite infantile women to represent the state at the national level. One only needs to witness Barbara Boxer to note that the qualifications for U.S. Senator need be no more than “must appear to be a bag of rocks”. I don’t know who actually votes for these useless idiots, | Read More »

    FisCon,SoCon,Soon We Have an Ex-Con?

    Pardon the double entendre in the title, but it points (pointedly, I might add) at an issue raised in my last post, wherein apparently otherwise honorable people chose to wax vitreolic not so much at my writing (I was summarily dispensed with), but, rather, at semantic differences in terminology. Allow me at the outset to apologize for not defining the terms I used, for it | Read More »

    RINOS Are Hybrids, Thank God!

    I’m not a brilliant man, nor even that astute (and no, this is not an opportunity for confirmation), yet I recall saying prior to Der Kommisar’s term as governor in California that he was not going to work out. In fact, I was railing against the promotion of another like Ah-nold: Dick Riordan. I’m not being self-congratulatory here- my perspective seemed obvious at the time, | Read More »

    Objectification:Alive and Well, Unfortunately for Women

    In my job as a teacher of adult male inmates, I often find myself searching for that homogeniety factor or those factors that seem to predispose these incarcerated men toward acts of criminality. Since they seemingly come from all walks of life and age categories, the standard demographical data don’t appear able to be distilled down to any meaningful or distinct set of characteristics. Perhaps that’s the truth | Read More »