Dr. Bob Johnson is a Savannah surgeon, retired Army Ranger and 26-year Army Veteran. He is also an avowed Christian conservative. Dr. Johnson’s candidacy is unique because his biography is unique. From 1975 until 2001, he served in the US Army, starting out as an Army Ranger, then as a physician assistant and medical platoon leader. He then attended the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) and returning to the Army as a physician. Dr. Johnson has often been viewed by his peers as a leader. His fellow medical students at MCG awarded him the "Doctors' Doctor Award" upon graduation. In 2003, the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery awarded Dr. Johnson the “Honor Award” for teaching and scientific presentations. Since moving back to Savannah Dr. Johnson has cared for over 13,000 patients in southeast Georgia. As a Christian leader in his church, Dr. Johnson has used his expertise as a physician to serve the less fortunate. In 2005, he led a team of medical personnel to Louisiana in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since 2005, he has also been a regular medical missionary to Guatemala, bringing first class medical treatment to the third world. Bob is married to Stacie Wong, MD, an anesthesiologist, a graduate of Harvard University and a native of Savannah. They have two children, Alex, a cadet at West Point, and Emily, a student at Savannah Arts Academy.