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    Cost Centers – It’s the Money Stupid

    On Being Competitive In the SOTU, President Obama called for a spending freeze for discretionary spending.  It appears some local governments have gotten a head start.  In Camden, New Jersey as many as one half the police and one third of the firemen are being laid off.  In Detroit, some areas of the city are officially declared to be without police of fire protection.  The president | Read More »

    Vitriol in American Political Life

    Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County warned of the dangers of vitriol and bigotry in political discourse.  The Sheriff suggested that vitriolic speech and bigotry are the cause of the shootings in Tucson.  “Bigotry” is defined as a stubborn intolerance to any race or religion.  The Tea Party or established Republicans have not voiced bigotry.  Some of the liberal media have joined in warning of the | Read More »

    The Thermometer and the Warmest Decade on Record

    The earth passed the the warmest decade on record.  Judah Cohen writing in the NYT on Dec. 26th quoted the World Meteorological Organization.  Apparently it was nip and tuck.  Other decades in the twentieth century were close.  Most of the world wide records quoted are post 1880.  The global records tabulated are those garnered world wide since the last decades of the nineteenth century when there was an | Read More »

    End of Life Planning

    Under a new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care which may include Advance Directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.  The only thing new is the paying of physicians.  Before Republicans oppose the regulation, they should survey the practices in religious based hospitals.  Anyone who is admitted on has a simple x-ray at any | Read More »

    George Soros, Marijuana, and California Proposition 19

    Writing in the WSJ, George Soros recited a history lesson on marijuana rather than presented arguments supporting its legalization.  Mr. Soros presents the issue as a matter of “racial inequalities”.  He attributes the laws criminalizing marijuana enacted between 1915 and 1933 to racial prejudice against immigrants from Mexico rather than based in science or public health.  Rather than attempt to determine the accuracy of those assertions, it | Read More »

    The Demographics of the California Gubernatorial Race

    Besides the advantage in registration, Jerry Brown has pitched a demographic not discussed much.  As expected, the Brown campaign seeks to appeal to the African American and Hispanic voters.  There is another demographic which has benefited from the largess of the state government.  Jerry Brown has pitched the state workers aggressively.  And why not?  In his prior terms starting in 1979, he aggressively promoted unions | Read More »

    Van Tran v. Loretta Sanchez

    The party may have caught a break.  The tirade by Congressman Sanchez on a Spanish language station was picked up by the English language media.  Sanchez called Tran very anti-immigrant.  This purposeful use of “immigrant” instead of “illegal immigrant” has become a standard.  Colin Powell did the same recently.  Powell compared the U.S. to the birth dearth afflicted Japan.  Powell revealed an awareness of the fertility | Read More »

    The Population Bomb and Bust

                                                            Nicholas Kristof             Nicholas Kristof and his wife SherlyWuDunn have authored, “Half the Sky”.  It has a lot of material on child birth in poor nations and the treatment of women.  There are calculations on what small sums would be required to reduce the number of horrific maternal deaths in primitive environs.  There is a dearth of reporting on the birth rates.  A lower birth rate would make improvements more doable and sustainable.  The unvarnished | Read More »

    Race in America

    Race in America For most commentators, race and ethnicity are treated with emotion.  Commonly in America there are only two races discussed as in Nicholas D. Kristof’s piece in the NYT Race in America.  Americans understand from the title that it is about African Americans and whites.  That piece is about a book by an African American, “The Other Wes Moore”. Without reading it, persons familiar with Mr. | Read More »

    Rand Paul – Back to 1964

                                                  Private Business and Accommodations Candidates for the Senate are expected to offer their views on the issues of the day.  “Lunch counters” is not one of them.  In a survey of businesses that offer public accommodations, it would be hard to find any who which to turn away paying customers.  Affirmative Action is a current issue.  Recall Joseph Lieberman ran simultaneously for the Senate | Read More »