Illegal Immigration: McCain’s Expediency Didn’t Work, So Why Not Try Being Principled?

    La Raza is demanding that Barack Obama provide amnesty to all illegal aliens, which the Democrat fully intends to do in hopes that millions of new Hispanic voters will help re-elect him. If amnesty past is prologue, there will follow an illegal immigration surge in preparation for the next amnesty. John McCain took an unprincipled stand on illegal immigration, gambling that any conservative votes he | Read More »

    The Progressive Tax Code Is Killing The Conservative Movement

    It is no accident that the decrease of conservative political power has coincided with the increase of workers who are not obligated to pay federal taxes. As a result of recent tax reforms, forty-six percent of employed Americans no longer pay any federal tax. With almost half the workforce freed from the responsibility of footing the government’s bills, the electorate is more receptive than ever | Read More »

    The Cult Of The Maximum Leader

    On Monday, historian Michael Beschloss declared that Barack Obama is the “smartest man ever to become a president”. Given that Thomas Jefferson was a president, Beschloss proved only that he is the dumbest man ever to become a historian. In a nation that values sanity, Beschloss would now be involuntarily residing at the Giggling Academy. Instead, he is a valued member of the huge chorus | Read More »

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    After The Next Census, Hell Will Receive A Huge Increase In Electoral Votes

    America may be experiencing a shortage of cheap energy, but the United States is brimming with a record supply of political reprobates. The following is just a partial list of those who should seriously considering purchasing asbestos undergarments as they enter the afterlife: People who earn their filthy lucre by pretending to be conservative: Rumor has it that at this very moment, Satan is constructing | Read More »

    So Open Minded Their Brains Have Fallen Out Of Their Heads

    Americans of all backgrounds are hailing themselves for being admirably tolerant after having elected a black president. Even conservative commentators like Laura Ingraham claim to have cried at witnessing Obama’s ascension to the presidency, seeing as how it demonstrated that the American people are no longer the vile racist Deliverance-type hillbillies that establishment denizens always knew they were. Never mind that race has nothing to | Read More »


    A Who’s Who Of Who Hates Hebrews

    The American electorate is considering flinging itself over Niagara Falls to teach George W. Bush a cruel lesson. Should this masochistic insanity occur, Barack Obama apparently will appoint Arafat Boy Toy Dennis Ross to oversee the deconstruction of the Zionist Entity. Ross spent the Clinton years insisting that Yasser Arafat was the postmodern George Washington, an historical figure exemplifying peace and humanity. During that time, | Read More »

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    When Did Michael Moore Appropriate The Byline “George Will”?

    George Will again is using his column to argue that John McCain is highly imperfect. In today’s Washington Post, Will asserts that McCain is “careless”, as evidenced by the fact that his running mate provided an overly simplistic explanation of the vice presidency…to seven year olds. That Barack Obama is a radical masquerading as a moderate is of such little interest to Will that the | Read More »

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    Obama Supporters Proclaim “Palin Is A C***”; Media Erupts in Indignant Silence

    Dennis Prager has posted on his blog a photograph of Obama supporters who attend Sarah Palin rallies wearing shirts emblazoned with “Palin Is A C*“. Michelle Malkin had done yeoman work in documenting the malicious derangement afflicting the Give Peace A Chance crowd: Yet as the left spews its psychotic bile, the media screams about the (nonexistent) Republican campaign of hatred and bigotry…bigotry | Read More »

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    An “Honorable Loser”? What Is “Honorable” About Not Trying To Win?

    “Mark Salter, McCain’s long-serving chief of staff, is understood to have told campaign insiders that he would prefer his boss, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, to suffer an “honourable defeat” rather than conduct a campaign that would be out of character – and likely to lose him the election.” After watching in exasperation as McCain flails ineffectually, this report sure rings true. So | Read More »


    Richard Dreyfuss’ America

    Decades ago, Richard Dreyfuss said during an interview that the United States is the main catalyst for world evil. I vividly remember reading and re-reading that interview, trying (in vain) to understand how anyone could be so morally obtuse. Years later, Dreyfuss traveled to the West Bank and broke bread with Hamas. This event was surprising only because one expects that even genocidal terrorists will | Read More »