Let’s try something novel about Obamacare funding…

    We are going to stipulate that every poll in America is showing a lack of support for Obamacare. That vast majorities of the country don’t support it. We have ourselves an issue. I think we need to use more novel tactics in how we stop its funding. While the media and the Democrats think that funding Obamacare and any government shutdown is a boon to | Read More »

    Sequestration could be the liberal’s biggest fear.

    I think we as conservatives should welcome the cuts coming in sequestration.  I think the tilting at windmills and the hyperventilation by the media types is all ginned up.  Do they really think that the government is going to stop because of a few meager cuts?  Do they really think that the government will ever stop intruding into our lives because of a few insignificant | Read More »

    Immigration and the Right path forward…

    John McCain has been a lost cause for years.  And now so is Marco Rubio.  I hope that he sees the light, but I also know that this is an issue that Republicans somehow don’t know how to communicate well to the country as a whole. We need to insist on border enforcement as Part I of a process.  We can make this point readily | Read More »

    I have a question for Colin Powell…

    I think this is the question that needs to be answered.  I mean he gets top billing as a Republican.  And someone who is a conscience of our party.  He tears apart the Tea Party.  He goes after the social conservatives.  Just what makes Colin Powell any different than any myriad of Democrats in this country. The media’s whole goal is to make Republicans more | Read More »

    Why I support Chuck Hagel.

    I know Chuck Hagel can seem to be a dirty word around the conservative blogosphere.  Indeed, he has done much to burn just about every bridge he could along the way to now being nominated by all conservatives’ public enemy number one.  However, I am less angry about this nomination than a lot of people.  What I don’t get is Hagel’s fit into the continuum | Read More »

    I am tired of the Liberals calling us Red State Socialists.

    I cannot understand why Conservatives don’t point out the heavy costs of Federal mandates in the mess surrounding the amounts of money coming to conservative states.  Why do the Republican States not figure the amount of spending that is required by the Feds that make the imbalance in revenues necessary?  I mean I live in Nebraska.  I wish the Blue State liberals would let us | Read More »

    The coming cave: Or what point is there in having a GOP House

    The time has come to call and email and write our GOP representatives in Washington again to try to stiffen their spine.  Why can’t they stop running scared and stand up for conservatism?  Are they worried that the media will somehow help us if we only cave to Obama?  Certainly this seems to be the case.  As per this story in Politico we are falling | Read More »

    House Republicans: Quit running scared.

    Do we really think that the Democrats will be able to keep a message of Republican blame for any recession in the event the Fiscal Cliff comes to pass?  I mean both sides agreed to it.  It is real spending cuts.  Don’t be scared.  Start our own talking points that we like to spread to the nation. We purport to be the party of smaller | Read More »

    As I have said before: Let’s go off the fiscal cliff!

    Republicans in the House of Representatives need to be willing to go off the so called fiscal cliff.  This ploy by the Democrats and their media types is such that the country will see them as all wet.  Sure, let’s go back to the Clinton tax rates.  But the sequester is also there for us. The question to be asked to those pontificating in our | Read More »

    A week later… Why it isn’t unmitigated disaster.

    We lost by 2%.  And in every swing state we lost within the margin of error.  Mitt Romney was a charlatan of the ground game, and we lost the election.  But what good came from last Tuesday? We swept the south.  With the addition of Arkansas, we now control every statehouse in the south with the exception of Kentucky’s House.  Really we are in fine | Read More »