What are you doing to win this election?

The entire mainstream media is attempting to put Mitt Romney to bed right now.  They are attempting to destroy his candidacy and they many very well succeed.  The only way we can win now is to make sure we turn out to vote.  And turn our neighbors out to vote.  Instead of carping, even though Romney-Ryan is doing all it can to lose the election, we need to redouble our efforts.  We need to make sure the message gets out that this election could destroy the nation for the foreseeable future.

I was never that supportive of Mitt Romney, but I am planning on going to the Denver suburbs this next weekend.  I am planning on putting aside my misgivings that we nominated the worst possible candidate, a northeast moderate, when we really needed to nominate a fire-breathing conservative.  But, Conservatism, Inc, decided upon Mitt, and he is our nominee.   Also, Obama is the most destructive force in our modern history.

We must defeat Obama, but why won’t Mitt Romney do anything?  I fear it is because he never had to really work for anything before.  I fear that Mitt Romney always thought he could just buy Television advertisements, like he did to trash good and honorable men in the GOP primary races.  I think  Mitt never took the time to organize any grass roots.  I called to his Colorado people and they seemed aloof to the need to knock on doors.  I remember 2004, and whatever we all think of W., he actually had voters turning out in droves.  He developed a ground game. Mitt wants us to do it for him.  That is the problem.  That is why if we lose this it will all go back to work ethic and the fact that Mitt just wanted to buy the election.

I should not have to call three different places in Colorado to find someone to work for.  Republicans already need to start divining the ashes of this lost opportunity.  If we cannot defeat a clearly incompetent president and his leftist ideology, then we really need to go back to the drawing board.

Also, at what point do we focus more time on the Congress?  When do we start making sure we at least hold on to the House of Representatives to thwart more socialist legislation?  How long before our Representatives cave in and work with the man in the White House?  The repercussions of this loss will be staggering, and I sense that Mitt doesn’t seem to care.  He can’t give us one strong narrative for why he believes what he does, because at one time or another he has believed everything.

The United States of America is under a cloud right now.  Eric Holder will be Attorney General for four more years.  The Supreme Court may very well take our gun rights away with the appointment of one or more liberal justices.  We need to wake up, even if our candidate is a bad one.

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