A Real Imperial Presidency: Monarchy for America

    One of the terms which often applied to the presidency of Barack Obama is that he is at the head of an “Imperial Presidency” – that is to say, a presidency that is autocratic and overstepping the boundary set by the Constitution. Not good, certainly. We presume that the Framers did not want Presidents fiddling around with executive orders and forcing Congress into doing his | Read More »

    I’m With Jon Huntsman: Should We All?

    Let us start with the usual disclaimer-I will gladly vote for any of the remaining GOP Presidential candidates in a general election (with the dishonourable exception of Ron Paul). I have briefly hopped on (and off) the Cain Train, I was a Bachmannite for a while, I succumbed to the Texan charms of Rick Perry. Back in the dark days of spring, I even supported | Read More »

    Bachmann Get Back

    Unnecessary (or should we say unconstitutional) government spending is something which should be opposed by every intelligent woman and man under the conservative banner. Aside from the above unconstitutionality, there are bigger issues-spending means higher taxes (anathema to us all), and a general lack of freedom under a larger government. So one would be quite rational in thinking that the candidates for President which conservatives support | Read More »

    Happy Birthday, India!

    Today, India celebrates 64 years of freedom and independence. In those 64 years it has progressed from a backwards backwater of the fragmenting empire into a global nuclear superpower and America’s most important ally in Asia. 64 years ago, a man named Mohandas Gandhi realized what colonialism had done to his country. And he chose to fight. Though he wore only a simple, home-spun dhoti, | Read More »


    The Bigger Picture

    No Skeletons in This Cabinet

    The cabinet of the President is an oft-overlooked part of the Presidential election. Yet no set of individuals influences a President’s policy more than his (or her) cabinet. So I thought it’d be interesting to pick a “fantasy cabinet” for a prospective Republican President. Put your selections in the comments if you have any. SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Mitch Daniels>A Princeton degree, experience running America’s | Read More »