I am now a recovering Romney supporter

    I was for Romney in 2008 but didn’t jump on board with Romney this cycle until the field settled completely last month. I figured that Romney was the least bad option in the field and I had hope that he had seriously seen the light. Since I came fully on board for Romney it has been a death of a thousand cuts. Day after day | Read More »

    Prepare to defend your country

    It is unclear which part of Obama’s liberal agenda he will push first, but one thing is clear: if we aren’t united around ONE conservative alternative to each of his proposals, we will get run over. McCain’s awful campaign proved that opposition without an alternative will always lose. (Outside of McCain’s inner circle, I’m not sure anyone ever doubted it.) In order for the entire | Read More »

    What to focus on next

    Judging from the 2006 and 2008 crushing defeats, it’s obviously time to rebuild the GOP. Where do we start? Again 2012 isn’t the answer. It won’t matter who the nominee is in 2012 if we don’t work for it starting tomorrow. Here is my list of priorities going forward. Senate leadership I like Kyl better than McConnell but really I think we need whoever will | Read More »