Face it Obama Won Reelection on the GW Tax Cuts

    Arguably it must be one of the most redistributionist tax codes ever, with at least 47 % not paying net income taxes. Of course there other taxes available to pay: fuel taxes, tobacco taxes, social security taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes.   At least up to the GW/ Kennedy tax breaks of 2003, most people had a net contribution?  No recession since the subprime | Read More »

    Republicans Can Forget About Winning the Presidency Anytime Soon

    Why would anyone want to return the country Bush’s Economic policies when “Bush’s Economic Policies” “failed policies of the past,” are the bone in the throat of the GOP because they can’t articulate a response?  In “How to Make Money in Stocks,” by William O’Neil,  points out that the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that was beefed up in 1995  effectively led to forcing banks to | Read More »

    Obamacare and Restaurants-No Overtime for You ??

    The following is a result of observing my 19 year old daughter deal with work place challenges and dealing with her educational needs.  She failed out of her first year of college. Within a couple of months of working solely at a neighborhood fast food burger chain, she has renewed her aspirations towards returning to school, and to eventually teaching Latin.  She has already paid | Read More »

    Obamacare Indulgences- Novacain for the Public until 2014

    Remember shortly after Obamacare’s passage and ATT and Caterpillar announced that they would write down so many billions of dollars worth of healthcare costs due to the new healthcare law?  Why haven’t more corporations done the same?  Why has the stock market flourished since then? Especially since late August?  Since the Supreme Court ruled that Corporations may also be involved in political speech, what would be | Read More »

    #1 Reason to Filibuster Kagan- Death Panels or Right to Life?

    She couldn’t bring herself to say she supported the natural rights of man as declared in the Declaration of Independence such as the right to Life.  So if Obamacare takes effect, Death Panels will be supported cause she will support the laws of the land and couldn’t bring herself to say anything in support of the founding guidance given in the Declaration of Independence. Isn’t | Read More »

    The anti stimulus, anti jobs, Healthcare bill,

    Since the passage of the Healthcare Bill, couldn’t help but notice a plethora of bills and events going through DC, once the logjam that was the healthcare bill, bills on reforming financial regulations, a proposal for allowing gays in the military, confirmation of a Mr Liu for a federal judgeship, were all on the agenda for the week.  Greece and Portugal weigh on the Euro, | Read More »

    Delays’ District Nominates Dem who wants the Big O Impeached–texas-dems-nominate-woman-who-wants-obama-impeached In a spirit of bipartisanship I want to extend a bravo to the Dems in Texas.  Congrats to this Rep for getting over 50% of the vote in the Democratic Primary and LOL winning the general.

    Ramirez’s Top Cartoon of the Year Recall the Detroit residents looking for government bailouts and calling it Obama’s stash.  Limbaugh calling 4th of July, “The Dependents Day.”

    The semi Bullish case for the USD

    Have you noticed that US equitie indexes went up with the decline with the USD and went down with signs of strength for most of the last few years? Will that trend reverse?  Will the signs of higher yields in the bond market, aka selling of treasuries or overwhelming supply,  without a strong demand bring the USD strength?   My favorite free author of late on the equity market | Read More »

    Anti Obama partisan talking points

    The 2003 tax cuts created jobs, 8 million worth and don’t get me started on how many were saved.-they have been wiped out in the last six months. Since the minimum wage hikes started in 2007, unemployment rates have gone from 4.6% to 9.5%.  Its a leading cause of teen unemployment as well. As Obama poll numbers go down the stock market goes up. In | Read More »