House Oversight Committee Demands Criminal Investigation into Cover Oregon

    House Oversight Committee Demands Criminal Investigation into Cover Oregon

    From the diaries … The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) released a staff report titled, “How Mismanagement and Political Interference Squandered $305 Million Federal Taxpayer Dollars.”  The report details findings from the Committee’s year-long investigation into the collapse of Cover Oregon that included the review of over 170,000 pages of emails and reports. Cover Oregon was to be the shining | Read More »

    Kudos to House Republicans on Puerto Rico Reform

    Armed with millions in taxpayer cash from an island drowning in debt, former Obama crony Anita Dunn (of Mao Tse-tung is my favorite philosopher fame) was paid $3.4 million to help get Puerto Rico a bailout through bankruptcy.  She was joined by Obama’s former Chief Restructuring Officer at the Treasury Department Jim Millstein who represented bondholders looking to get a special deal from the Congress. It appears their efforts | Read More »

    Elon Musk — Crony to the Core

    It’s no secret that Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City, is a smart guy.  But his corporate empire is built upon a foundation of sand — a reliance on government subsides, giveaways and special interest provisions that have made him extraordinarily rich.  News of the crony capitalist exploiting cheap foreign labor to help expand Tesla’s factory installations should come as | Read More »

    Music Licensing’s Future in the Hands of the Department of Justice

    The American Society of Composers (ASCAP), a performing rights organization  that negotiates and collects licensing fees for music copyright owners, was recently forced to pay a $1.75 million settlement with the Department of Justice. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ASCAP was forced to pay the settlement fee for engaging in anticompetitive behavior. Despite this, the Justice Department continues to consider weakening the consent decrees that govern the | Read More »

    TriCare Should Stop Discriminating Against Military Families

    Perhaps we should hire a behavioral analyst to determine why the U.S. government is always instigating problems with the U.S. armed forces. Because right now, the servicemen and servicewomen that risk everything for us are being treated like garbage by the leaders of their own country. Case in point: the government’s refusal to honor the military’s insurance claims for vaccines. Over the past decade, the | Read More »

    Mr. Culberson, the Tenth Amendment Rests in Your Hands

    Texas Republican Rep. John Culberson can certainly talk the conservative talk, but can he walk the conservative walk? Culberson, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on State Justice Commerce, describes himself “[A]s a fiscally conservative ‘Jeffersonian Republican,’ committed to Thomas Jefferson’s vision of limited government, individual liberty, and states’ rights.”  But now, with the fate of the Second and Tenth Amendments at stake | Read More »

    Google Discrimination

    Google’s announcement yesterday that they will prohibit online short term lenders from advertising will hurt middle and low income Americans and might be an attempt for Google to help out a company they have invested in that provides short term loans.  Many complain that Google has so much power that they are effectively a monopoly when it comes to search engines, although Bing and Yahoo | Read More »

    The Elon Musk Earmark

    The House of Representatives are in the process of gathering up amendments for floor consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act as the Senate wraps up a closed door markup of the bill.  This bill has traditionally been the legislation that carries major changes in policy across the finish line late in a session.  What is expected to happen is that the House and Senate | Read More »

    The High Priest of Hypocrisy

    When historians look back at the era of the global warming scare, they will note with glee and laughter of how a group of Chicken Little’s conned so many people into believing the world will end unless we pass this tax or this carbon trading scheme.  There will. No doubt be chapters dedicated to voices of doom like Al Gore, President Obama and “The Science | Read More »

    Gulfstream Liberals

    Back when I was young, there was a term for rich liberals who blazed around in gas guzzling cars, yet claiming that they loved the environment by contributing to Greenpeace or other left wing organizations.  They would spend their money to pollute and consume as much as they could, while on the other hand denouncing consumption and calling for the masses to a bus to | Read More »

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