Hero Wanted for Aviation Tax Reform

    Not much good is going to happen this year in Congress. One thing that might happen is a bill to reauthorize programs at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That bill would be a great place for conservatives to take a stand on two conservative ideas – tax reform and devolving federal programs to the states. Aviation Tax Reform The FAA reauthorization bill would be a | Read More »

    Time for Congress to End Operation Choke Point

    The Obama Administration has gone too far on so many issues. On gun control, the Obama Administration is pushing for more background checks without Congressional authorization. On immigration, President Obama has issued some executive orders that are being challenged all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Obama Administration also set up a program called Operation Choke Point as a way to use federal | Read More »

    Hedge Fund Cronyism

    Cronyism is a big problem in politics. It is one of those issues that has been with us for a long long time, but the super rich seem to be taking advantage of it in high profile ways. Just look at billionaire Donald Trump bragging that he bought and sold politicians. Trump said at the first Republican presidential debate on Fox in August of 2015: | Read More »

    Will Puerto Rico Tip Over – Economically?

    At an infamous congressional hearing on military readiness in the Pacific, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) asked the Admiral of the U.S. Pacific Command whether sending more Marines to Guam would “so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” While informed that the military did not anticipate such an event happening, Johnson may have been ahead of his time. Puerto Rico, another U.S. island | Read More »

    Right to Privacy on Trial in Federal Court

    Right now, the United States v. Microsoft case is playing out in a federal court.  The right to privacy is central to this case as well as the idea that cloud computing should not be punished by the courts.  If this case goes the wrong way, privacy rights will be narrowed and American tech companies will be damaged. In this case, the Obama Administration is | Read More »

    In 2016, South Korea Should Reform

    South Korea has some problems. For conservatives who are mistrustful of ceding sovereignty on trade deals, why would the United States ever allow special “Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)” for South Korea when they are not the solid allies of the past and they have a spotty record on human rights. has a good piece mapping out some of the human rights concerns from earlier | Read More »

    EPA Lawlessness

    Remember Richard Windsor?  Mr. Windsor was a fictional staffer at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that was the creation of Lisa Jackson, the former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator. Ms. Jackson used the email address [email protected] to avoid complying with open-record laws.  Jackson is one of a long line of White House staffers who have used fictional and/or personal email addresses to avoid transparency afforded the American | Read More »

    Mulvaney and Others Leave Internet Gambling Ban Bill in Tatters

    With terrorist cells organizing within our borders, an economy sputtering and President Obama trampling on the Constitution with unmitigated power grabs, the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, , decided to spend a day holding a hearing to benefit one man — Sheldon Adelson. Billionaire Adelson, the owner of the Sands Casino empire, has single-handedly pressed Congress to pass a law to prohibit states | Read More »

    Visa Waiver Program and Terrorism

    Congress is very good at two things –  doing nothing and overreacting. Just as liberals are demanding quick action on gun control in wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, others in Congress is in overreacting mode over the Visa Waiver Program.  This program actually increases security because nations that participate in the program must share data on individuals from their country who raise | Read More »

    Chaffetz Calls Hearing to Benefit Casino Owner Sheldon Adelson

      It’s an embarrassment. As conservatives denounce the corporate cronyism of the Export-Import Bank and President Obama’s continued efforts to enrich his green energy contributors, House Government Oversight Committee Chairman announces a hearing to push legislation written by a Las Vegas billionaire casino owner. When Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada legalized online gaming for their own residents, Adelson announced he would “spend whatever it takes” | Read More »