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    Firearms in Public Schools?

    Like, well, every decent human being on the planet, I too am sickened by the shootings in Connecticut today. I find myself overwhelmed with grief at times when thinking or talking about the tragedy. With the murder of 20 small children, this strikes me as the most horrific shooting tragedy of my lifetime. I yearn for some way to help even one of these grieving | Read More »

    The Party of Death In Full Tilt

    From the diaries by Erick As you well know, Speaker Pelosi’s version of President Obama’s signature healthcare overhaul passed the House by a razor thin margin of 220-215 late Saturday night.  Seldom have more Americans been more aware of a piece of legislation passing Congress, as news of this historical occasion filled newspapers, blogs, and email and twitter accounts from coast-to-coast over the weekend.  Ironically, | Read More »