Mrs. Palin, what experiences do you have that qualify you in the area of foreign affairs?

Why is this question so hard for everyone? Does everyone including Sarah Palin and the GOP have some sort of mental problem or block when it comes to coming up with a common sense answer to this simple question?

What the H#ll is wrong with everyone?

Sarah Palin has a great answer if only she’d think about what foreign affairs actually involves. All she has to say is the following:

As both a mayor and a governor I have handled contentious situations, arbitrated disputes, and negotiated between competing interests, and in these interactions I believe I consistently conducted myself with confidence in a principled yet respectful manner.

I would have to say that working with people in difficult situations is one of my strongest points.

I also have a solid command of our commitments abroad, I am very aware of the threats we face there, and I have a firm understanding of the history that underlies each.

True there are many who have met, shaken hands with, and kissed more foreign leaders, and even visited more foreign countries than I, but this, in the absence of real policy accomplishment or conflict resolution, hardly makes them qualified to manage and conduct foreign affairs.