Socialism, Israel, & Acorn

The Final Push

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the central issue in this campaign is not just the economy, but it is more precisely Socialism. It’s not Ayers. It’s not community activism. It’s not even Wright. It’s Socialism, Stupid!

In the remaining weeks, the Republicans must make the people aware of what we stand to lose if Obama wins. Obama can say he doesn’t support radical change, but even if we can trust a man who has no real record to back up his words one way or another, he won’t have the final word on what happens if he wins. Democrats are already set to gain in the Congress, but if Obama wins as well, then socialism won’t just be a Democrat’s long held wet dream, it will be a reality.

Obama admitted as much the other day here.

Entitlements will not just be a fact of life for seniors and the poor, under Obama and the democrats they will be expanded to tempt more and more of our middle class into a life of dependency.

Why strive for responsibility and self-reliance if the government will pay for college, health care, mortgages, and who knows what else? The only thing a government controlled by Democrats will do for us is to permit us to spend even more of our grand children’s future so we gorge ourselves further beyond our means.

Why take the extra initiative like getting a better job, inventing something, learning something new, or starting a business if the government will take care of you and simply steal a greater share of the fruits of your extra initiative if you do.

I feel worse for those REMAINING in the middle class who won’t YET qualify for the new entitlements as they will be faced with higher and higher costs for these things as entitlements inflate their prices.

I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my children. Should I continue to encourage them to try? Obama plans on delivering the American dream via the Ggovernment so what is the point?

I used to look at some of the less productive students in my classes and just shake my head at their poor life choices, but now I guess I’m the one who is misguided. I’m the sucker.

Obama has also said he would not abolish NAFTA, but has also said the treaty would need to be revised to protect American workers. How shortsighted, protectionism is a prescription for failure, especially in an economic slowdown. This is the same mistake Herbert Hoover made.

Obama also said he would be a friend of Israel, but his previous statements about our mid-east policy suggests his attitude towards Israel would be more like this.

It’s not enough that Obama has won over the most gullible, idealistic, naive, and shortsighted amoung us, or that he has mobilized the MSM and every hedonistic celebrity nut job to be his personal chorus, but for his ACORN-supporters to have likely stuped so low as to strategically rig the election in key battleground states. This to me is the most outrageous thing about this election.

I wouldn’t mind so much about losing because he won over the idiots, the ignorant, and the nut jobs, but if he wins because of cheating, well that will truly be a sad day for America.

On a final note, I can imagine the chants from Americans at the next Olympic games: “USSA, USSA, USSA! We’re number 2! We’re number 2

P.S. Mr. McCain please deliver at least part of this message: Taxing The hand That Feeds You

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