Is this the America we have all loved and supported, and for which some have even fought and died?Obama Supports Wealth Redistribution

Is this where Barack AKA Captain Amerika and his Congress of the Democratic Suporter Majority will be taking us?

Are my fellow Americans so far gone that they are willing to trade their freedom from government for a free lunch from government?

Are we through then with notions of personal responsibility, and self-reliance? Are we trading them for self-gratification at all costs as long as someone else is picking up the immediate tab? Do they not see how such a collective approach will eventually lead to a loss of individual freedom and choice greater than a loss due to economic disparatiy?

Are they so short-sighted and ignorant of history that they can not foresee where this path will take us?

Will there even be an America worth fighting for after 8 years of their social engineering, or will all their new entitlements and programs be too entrenched to ever be pushed out of the way?