Capitation or Bill of Attainder: An Unconstitutional Penalty by Either Name Smells Bad

Okay, for all our progressive free-ride-advocate co-workers and relatives, it’s time for a simple and easy to understand constitutional lesson.

Hey, tell them it’s free, and maybe they’ll take their anything-the-other-side-says-is-nonsense ear muffs off for a second and learn something, like why Leader Obama is not the scholar he has been hyped to be. 

Lesson 1: A national tax for doing nothing (i.e. being taxed for not buying health insurance as mandated by the federal government) is a CAPITATION and must be proportioned, and because Leader Obama’s mandate is not proportioned it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Lesson 2: The automatic penalty for not buying health insurance in the recently passed healthcare deform legislation is either a tax, or it is a BILL OF ATTAINDER, which is just as UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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